Municipal meeting: The company Phoenix Security will set up in Corminboeuf

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Gathered on Tuesday, citizens gave the green light to the installation of a company active in security and endorsed numerous points.

Based in Belfaux, Phoenix Security Sàrl wants to expand, and will build new premises in Corminboeuf (pretext photo). © Alain Wicht

Based in Belfaux, Phoenix Security Sàrl wants to expand, and will build new premises in Corminboeuf (pretext photo). © Alain Wicht

Published on 05/16/2024

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A new company will arrive in Corminboeuf: Phoenix Security Sàrl, which wishes to expand. Gathered in a municipal assembly on Tuesday, citizens approved the conclusion of a distinct and permanent legal contract. In other words, it is a sort of rental of the land for a certain period of time, according to Alain Lunghi, municipal councilor in charge of planning and businesses.

“We plan to create around 25 jobs for our company”
Frédéric Schouwey

The company active in the field of security and based in Belfaux will set up on the plot which will also host Symbio Advanced Technologies Switzerland. It will occupy a maximum surface area of ​​6,300 m2 and aims to start work in February 2025, with entry into the premises in summer 2026. “We plan to create around 25 workstations for our company, of which five to six will be new. Ten to fifteen positions will also be intended for our future clients and five for companies with which we work,” explains Frédéric Schouwey, director and founder of the company, which employs around 180 people in the cantons of Fribourg, Vaud and Neuchâtel.

The operation should bring annual revenues of around 68,000 francs to the municipality. A citizen asked if it was possible for the parking lot to be underground in order to leave room for green surfaces, but the executive replied that he could not force the company to carry out such a development. On the other hand, it is possible to talk about it, he clarified.

Beneficiary accounts

In another register, the 2023 accounts close with a profit of 1.3 million francs, with expenses of 15.2 million francs. This good result, accepted unanimously, is explained by tax revenues which remain at a high level and by charges lower than expected, according to Christian Vorlet, municipal councilor in charge of finances.

For its part, the sorting center (formerly the recycling center) can be brought up to date thanks to a loan of 945,000 francs. This is to properly accommodate users, given demographic developments. The results of a survey concerning the possible introduction of a General Council were also announced. As 60% of citizens who responded to the survey were against a vote on the issue, the executive will leave it there. The participation rate was 28%.

Order reigns on Portalban beach thanks to Phoenix Security agents

A municipal regulation of the capital gains tax was unanimously accepted. To help citizens understand, Christian Vorlet gave the example of land passing into a building zone and therefore increasing in value: “If the owner sells it, the canton collects a tax of 20% (from the plus- value resulting from building zones and changes of use, editor’s note). By making this regulation, we will be able to receive a quarter of the amount, which will have to be used for certain tasks such as the development of green spaces or cycle paths.



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