. Savoy. The 37th edition of the First Novel Festival returns to Chambéry

. Savoy. The 37th edition of the First Novel Festival returns to Chambéry
. Savoy. The 37th edition of the First Novel Festival returns to Chambéry


Benjamin Forant

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May 16, 2024 at 2:34 p.m.

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Of Wednesday May 22 to Sunday May 26 2024, the 37th edition of the First Novel Festival Chambery regains its rights in the Savoyard town.

Throughout these 5 days, you will have the opportunity to discover authors who will achieve national fame in the coming years.

Among the big names who have passed through the festival, we can mention Michel Houellebecq, David Foenkinos, Amélie Nothomb, Olivia Ruiz or Christine Angot.

36 invited authors

Many activities are planned for this new edition. Of the met with the authors are programmed, as are writing workshops in their company.

In addition to meetings with the public, some authors will also meet the prison inmates of Bourg-en-Bresse, Aiton and Chambéry, the latter having participated in the choice of winners of publishing.

Among the authors that you will be able to see during the festival, we find in particular Cristina Araujo Gamir, Spanish author who will share her novel “Mira a esa chica” with you. In this novel, the author indirectly evokes the Pamplona gang rape affair, which took place in 2016 and shocked all of Spain. “It describes the way in which the young girl and those around her react to this deeply traumatic situation and in particular to everything that follows the rape: the media and public overexposure, the videos, the trial, the clinical check-up which brings the rape back to life. violence, abuse and humiliation,” the festival specifies.

Delphine Grouès will tell you about the lives of men and women in the Andes in the 20th century in his book “Cordillera”, Sara Myshkin will share a letter from a drug addict to her daughter in “From Midnight to Midnight”, or Yan Lespoux will deal with the marine adventure of the 17th century in “To die, the world. »

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In total, more than 30 authors will be present. Something to satisfy all tastes!

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