What activities to discover for museum night

If usually the shoe museum in Romans or the Valence museum of art and archeology can be visited during the day, their doors will be open in the evening on Saturday May 18.

As part of the European Night of Museums on Saturday May 18, activities are planned at the Shoe Museum in Romans and the Valencia Museum of Art and Archaeology.

Meetings at the Valentinois museum

The Valencia Museum will be accessible free of charge from 7 p.m. Philippe Fusaro’s writing residence which can be discovered in the exhibition History of collections. Two centuries of donation will be presented in the form of a special edition, around testimonies from the team of museum surveillance agents. At 9 p.m., visitors are expected in the museum’s main courtyard for the performance We erase everything and start again. With seven bass toms, five snare drums, 12 pigments and a soundtrack, Nicolas Fenouillat presents work around music. The visual artist develops devices capable of experimenting, materializing and questioning the nature of sound. Half an hour later, go to the museum garden to listen to a new live set by Leslie Morrier, accompanied by (Rochel Mancip) VJ Zéro. Testimonials from visitors to the exhibition History of collections. Two centuries of donation will be listened to in an electronic and acoustic score. A concert accompanied by an original video performance by VJ Zero.

The shoe museum and its activities

In Romans, the shoe museum awaits the curious with a varied program and opens its doors free of charge from 6 p.m. The exhibition Jean-Paul Gaultier for Stéphane Kélian “Novel of an encounter” is obviously to be discovered. From 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Friends of the Museum association presents their favorites. Until 11 p.m., the association of former Shoe executives recounts its know-how and shares its passion for shoes by presenting all the stages of making an artisanal shoe. The project Sneakers and Folklore classes of 4e of the Debussy college is to be discovered. This visual installation immerses the viewer in an innovative experience combining visual arts, French and design! And yet, other surprises await the curious.




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