Paris 2024 Olympic Games: three axes closed to traffic from Friday

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: three axes closed to traffic from Friday
Paris 2024 Olympic Games: three axes closed to traffic from Friday

71 days before the start of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the capital is teeming. Its transformation for the occasion is accelerating under the watchful eyes of Parisians… The “galleys” that come with it are also multiplying.

In total, seven temporary sites will be created in the heart of Paris to host events: at the Trocadéro, at the Eiffel Tower, at the Champ-de-Mars, on the Esplanade des Invalides, on the Alexandre-III bridge, on the Place de Concorde, for Olympic competitions; and on the Town Hall Square, for the festivities.

While these are gradually taking shape, the first traffic restrictions to carry out their assembly are introduced. From this Friday, May 17, three major axes of the capital will be closed to traffic: the north-south axis of Place de la Concorde (8th century), the Alexandre III bridge (8th century) and Avenue Gallieni (7th century) , in the heart of Les Invalides.

Alexandre III Bridge

The start of operations in the area around the Grand Palais, Les Invalides and the Alexandre III bridge began in mid-April. A major theater of the Olympic Games, it will host marathon swimming, triathlon and road cycling events and will also be the first Parisian bridge to be closed to traffic.

To be completely ready for the Games, passage from one bank of the Seine to the other will be completely prohibited for vehicle circulation from this Friday while pedestrian traffic will be maintained on the sidewalk upstream. Its reopening is not scheduled until September 20, 2024.

Place de la Concorde

The Concorde construction site has gradually extended over the entire place since March 1st and until June 1st. What will soon resemble an urban park will host BMX freestyle, breaking, skateboarding and 3×3 basketball events.

Since the start of the work, traffic has already been prohibited for cars, bicycles and pedestrians on Cours de la Reine, between Winston-Churchill and Avenue Franklin-Roosevelt. This Friday, it will be the turn of the north-south axis to be completely closed.

As for the definitive closure of the square, this will take place two weeks later, on June 1, and will be followed on July 1 and 15 by those of the Carrousel bridge and the Royal bridge. The partial reopening of traffic is planned for September 7, after a gradual release of the right-of-way of the square from August 29 to September 30.

Avenue Gallieni

The lawns of the Esplanade des Invalides have been preparing since last month to host the archery, para archery and cycling events. The esplanade will also symbolize the arrival of the Olympic Games marathon.

From May 17, the busy Gallieni Avenue will also be closed to traffic. This will be followed on May 30 by the closure of the Bleuet-de-France roundabout and the making of rue de Grenelle one-way, then on June 17 by that of rue de l’Université between Fabert and Constantine. The reopening of Avenue Gallieni will take place on September 25.



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