Prison van attacked: how is the hunt for Mohamed Amra and the other fugitives going?

Prison van attacked: how is the hunt for Mohamed Amra and the other fugitives going?
Prison van attacked: how is the hunt for Mohamed Amra and the other fugitives going?

48 hours after the attack on the prison van this Tuesday, May 14, “unprecedented” means were mobilized to find the fugitives on the run.

Missing since his violent escape 48 hours ago, Mohamed Amra, nicknamed “The Fly” is the most wanted man in France. The prison van which transported him was attacked by a particularly well-organized commando. Two corrections officers were killed and three others were seriously injured in the shooting.

Means “unprecedented” have been deployed since Tuesday, May 15 in order to “to find not only the person who escaped, but to find “the gang” who released him in despicable conditions” announced Gérald Darmanin on the microphone of RTL. The Épervier plan was quickly launched. Nearly 500 police officers and gendarmes were therefore mobilized in the first hours after the attack, according to the Minister of the Interior.

“Means of international cooperation”

Their objective ? Freeze the area, as long as the fugitives were within a restricted area. The police therefore continued checks of vehicles and strategic points. But this Épervier plan is temporary: its maximum duration being four hours, it was quickly lifted. Shortly after, investigators discovered two vehicles burned in two different locations, used by the criminals in their escape, indicates BFMTV. This is the last trace left by these fugitives.

The research therefore continued, in another form, from these places. The research scope was then expanded, in France but also beyond, with border controls. Gérald Darmanin notably mentioned “means of international cooperation”. Throughout France, personnel are ready to intervene as soon as a lead presents itself.

Mohamed Amra’s entourage interests investigators

The Central Office for the Fight against Organized Crime, responsible for the investigation, and the judicial police first combed the crime scene. On site, they notably recovered the shell casings and inspected the attackers’ car, which they attempted to set on fire as they left in order to erase all traces. Investigators are also looking for traces of blood or DNA because the identity of the members of the commando remains unknown for the moment.

Always according to BFMTV, investigators are also using the toll surveillance cameras as well as other videos taken by motorists present on site during the attack. Finally, the last element that the investigators are looking into: Mohamed Amra’s entourage. To do this, investigators will analyze telephone data and will interview and even wiretap the detainee’s family and loved ones.




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