According to Benkirane, the State had considered banning demonstrations of solidarity with Palestine before backing down –

Selon Alyaoum24, during the seventh edition of the PJD youth political forum, broadcast Wednesday on the party website, Benkirane declared: “At first, the state wanted to ban these demonstrations. I’m talking to you about real facts, this is not a game.” He explained that the state ultimately chose to allow these gatherings after realizing that the ban would have negative political consequences.

Benkirane welcomed the decision to reverse course, stressing that protests had taken place peacefully in many Moroccan cities in recent months. “Officials understood that the ban would have been more politically damaging”, he said.

The secretary general of the PJD nevertheless criticized the low number of participants and urged members of his party to get more involved. “At a time when these demonstrations of solidarity with Palestine are essential, our comrades are not sufficiently mobilized!”, he lamented.

Benkirane also shared his personal and family commitment to the Palestinian cause, declaring: “My children and grandchildren regularly participate in protests, and my wife is even more active than all of them.



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