Citroën recalls hundreds of cars, Charente dealerships overheating

Citroën recalls hundreds of cars, Charente dealerships overheating
Citroën recalls hundreds of cars, Charente dealerships overheating

“We have had hundreds of calls per day since the beginning of May, it’s non-stop, never seen before,” we say at the end of the line, at the Citroën dealership in Champniers. Update on “heat stroke”.

Which models are affected?

These are Citroën C3, produced between 2009 and 2017. 181,700 examples are affected for France, according to BFM TV. As well as 58,634 DS3 vehicles, registered between 2009 and 2019.

Each owner concerned has received or will receive a paper letter setting out a procedure to follow. Knowing that a first campaign – with a less alarmist tone – had already been orchestrated six months ago by the French group, a subsidiary of Stellantis.

What are the risks involved?

“Injuries”, it is specified laconically on the reminder sheet on the site.

The manufacturer’s letter is even more alarmist, since it reports a “risk of serious injury, even death”. “Citroën asks you to immediately stop driving your vehicle”, it is written in particular.

These airbags from the Japanese brand Takata, liquidated in 2023, contain an identified defect. “The propellant in the driver and passenger airbags can deteriorate over time. In the event of an accident in which the airbags deploy, it could rupture with too much force, injuring the vehicle occupants.”

What is the instruction ?

“Contact the dealer”, specifies the government recall platform.

As it stands, it is rather the mail received (or soon to be received) by Citroën customers which serves as the procedure to follow. Above, a QRcode or a link allows you to provide information about your vehicle, with a view to scheduling a possible pick-up. After sending, it takes approximately five days to receive a code by email.

The editorial team advises you

It is at this moment, and not before, that customers are invited to contact their dealer and thus order the replacement airbag, covered by the Citroën warranty. An appointment will be made later by the workshop.

“We are flooded with calls”

This alarmist tone, backed by the hundreds of letters already sent by the manufacturer’s French headquarters, today brings hundreds of daily calls to the Champniers and Châteaubernard dealerships from people who have received or are about to receive the mail.

“They are panicked. But we don’t have 10,000 vehicles in stock…” squeaks an employee on the phone. “In the end, we spend our days explaining that we just have to follow the instructions in the mail.” Whose act?



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