France finally makes its revolution

Tuesday May 14, readers of World discovered a striking image on the front page of their newspaper [Courrier international fait partie du groupe Le Monde]. It showed 100 French personalities who had personally suffered gender-based or sexual violence in some of their country’s most respected institutions – cinema, politics, media, hospitals and churches. The daily newspaper spoke of “historical photo”.

After years of stifling public debate, France is perhaps at a turning point on this issue, which is shaking up some of its most entrenched social and cultural mores. But, more than an unraveling of French identity, we are witnessing a real awareness, revealing a society which strives to renew its fundamental values ​​of equality and individual dignity.

We are at the beginning of a transition […]. It is […] a very profound cultural change, declared Emmanuel Macron in an interview for the magazine She [paru le 8 avril]. The first stage is that of the liberation of speech, after all these years of suffering and unsaid things. With this listening, grant freedom, trust and kindness to the victims. […] What

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The Christian Science Monitor (Boston)

This elegant journal was started in 1908 in Boston by Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, which funded the publication. However, it is not intended to be a religious title but claims humanist values, a measured and educational treatment of subjects, in favor of unity and against divisions. It ceased to be printed daily in 2009 to concentrate efforts on its website, although a weekly print version still exists.

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