A first year of medicine at the start of the school year

A first year of medicine at the start of the school year
A first year of medicine at the start of the school year

The southern Ardèche hospital center will host a university branch to prepare for medical studies, from September 2024. Explanations.

In July 2022, 18 co-signatories supported the Ardèche application for the creation of a delocalized branch for the first year of the Specific Health Access Pathway (PASS) in Ardèche. And, on Friday May 3, the southern Ardèche hospital center hosted a crucial meeting to take stock of this project.

Around forty students

This meeting, chaired by Olivier Amrane, president of the Department, and Sandrine Genest, vice-president in charge of health, brought together numerous partners to discuss the progress of this project, the start of which is planned for the start of the academic year. 2025/2026. In fact, around forty students from the Claude-Bernard University of Lyon 1 will be returning to Aubenas. These young people will thus be able to follow their first year in a Specific Health Access Pathway (PASS) thanks to the innovative system called Include campus, which will allow them to then integrate more specific courses (medicine, physiotherapist or pharmacist).

Under the same conditions

This project is supported by a solid consortium including Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University and its digital demonstrator Include, the southern Ardèche hospital center, and local authorities. The Claude Bernard Lyon 1 University aims to develop higher education in regional hospital centers, thus offering a unique network of decentralized campuses. In collaboration with the Lyon-Sud Faculty of Medicine and Midwifery, it is carrying out the engineering work necessary for the establishment of the new campus. And, according to Philippe Malbos, vice-president of Lyon 1 University, “young people will be able to follow the courses under the same conditions as their colleagues training in Lyon.”

An opportunity for young Ardéchois

The southern Ardèche hospital center will accommodate the necessary infrastructure, financially supported by local authorities. Local doctors will also play a key role in the educational project, supported by the Order of Physicians and the SDIS (Departmental Fire and Rescue Service). For the president of the Department,“With the 100 doctors objective plan, the Department intends to play a leading role in the attractiveness of the territory for health professionals in the broad sense and those in the making. The partnership between numerous players is a real asset and a guarantee of success for such an innovative and large-scale project. For the Department, this year’s PASS relocation also means the university’s entry into the Ardèche region. We can be proud of it! As for Sandrine Genest, “this project constitutes a real opportunity for young Ardéchoises. They will be able to carry out this difficult year close to their family, social and environmental cocoon. It will make it possible to reduce self-censorship and alleviate inequalities in access opportunities in the second year, in comparison with urban students from the Lyon metropolitan area.”

Attract health professionals

Ardèche, a rural department facing medical desertification, sees this project as an opportunity to retain its young talents, and even attract future health professionals. The first registrations will be possible when the Parcoursup platform opens, for the 2025-2026 academic year. This initiative is planned to be tested for three years, and everything will be done to ensure that it is sustainable.




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