Clinics in Maine-et-Loire shut down from June 3

From June 3, 2024, four clinics in Maine-et-Loire have decided to completely stop their activities in order to protest against the increase in their prices deemed “clearly insufficient”.

The emergency rooms of the Anjou Clinic will be closed – ©

It is a national movement which will affect four private clinics in the department: the Clinique de l’Anjou in Angers, the Clinique Saint-Joseph in Trélazé, the Polyclinique du Parc in Cholet, and the Clinique Chirurgicale de la Loire in Saumur. Only the Saint-Léonard Clinic and the Center de la Main in Trélazé have for the moment not decided to join this unprecedented mobilization at the initiative of the Private Hospital Federation (FHP).

For three days, from Monday June 3 to Wednesday June 5, 2024, these various private health establishments decided to shut down all of their activities. If no solution is found, the emergency rooms and maternity ward of the Anjou Clinic, but also the cardiac emergencies of the Saint-Joseph Clinic, will remain closed thereafter.

Insufficient price revaluation

Anger rose in March, when the Ministry of Health revealed the rates of increase in hospital prices. The rates define each year the amount of reimbursements paid by Health Insurance to health establishments. For the year 2024, the increase in prices for private hospitals and clinics is only 0.3%, compared to 3.5% for the public.

There are too often preconceived ideas about private establishments. They are not “masters” of their prices. To fully understand what is happening at the moment, it is important to remember that 90% of the financial resources of private health establishments are determined by these prices set by the State. », Explains Sébastien Mounier, general director of the Saint-Joseph Clinic and president of the FHP Val de Loire-Océan.

This difference in revaluation between the public and the private endangers the functioning of health in France by weakening the private structures which welcome nine million patients across France each year. There is a risk of deteriorating patient care », adds Patrick Locufier, president of the Anjou Clinic.

(From left to right) Sébastien Mounier, general director of the Saint-Joseph Clinic, Stéphane Galiègue, general director of the Anjou Clinic; Julien Bacle, president of the Establishment Medical Commission (CME); Patrick Locufier, president of the Anjou Clinic; Ayoub Ghrairi, cardiologist at the Saint-Joseph Clinic – ©

Soon 60% of private health establishments in deficit?

According to the FHP, this very low increase in prices occurs in a context of economic tensions “ with a low increase in prices for several years, fragility after the health crisis and extremely high inflation “. The share of private health establishments in deficit increased from 10 to 40% between 2019 and 2023 and is expected to reach more than 60% this year. For example, the energy bill increased by 700,000 euros at the Anjou Clinic between 2022 and 2023.

Daily technical care is becoming more and more expensive. Investments are greater than in the past. There is a risk of backsliding in terms of support », worries Julien Bacle, president of the Establishment Medical Commission (CME).

“We are surprised and disappointed”

During the Covid crisis, we were asked to be there to help the population and the CHU by opening intensive care units. We participated in the collective effort with pride. We are surprised and disappointed that two years later, we have forgotten all that. There is bitterness. Why such a disparity? Such treatment? », deplores Sébastien Mounier, general director of the Saint-Joseph Clinic.

The same act will always cost more to the public. There is a basic difference in prices. We ask that there be at least one compensation for the year 2024 to give us oxygen », continues Sébastien Mounier.

“We will not leave any patient in difficulty”

The various stakeholders hope that the discussions will bear fruit in order to avoid the closure of their establishments. “ It’s not in our DNA », they repeat. “ We will not leave any patient in difficulty “, says the general director of the Saint-Joseph Clinic.

The Angers University Hospital could, for its part, find itself in difficulty absorbing the activities of the Anjou and Saint-Jospeph clinics, which represent nearly 300 daily interventions.

By Sylvain Réault.



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