A fake assault rifle found at the Boudry federal asylum center

A fake assault rifle found at the Boudry federal asylum center
A fake assault rifle found at the Boudry federal asylum center

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The dummy weapon is a replica of the Swiss army assault rifle, the SIG-550 or Fass 90. (illustrative image)


Today’s highlights

SOCCER: The title of Swiss football champion could be awarded Thursday evening during the 36th day of the Super League. To do this, the Young Boys of Bern, who host St. Gallen from 8:30 p.m., must collect more points than Lugano, who will simultaneously host Winterthur.

MIDDLE EAST: South Africa on Thursday asked the UN’s highest court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), to order Israel to stop its incursion into Rafah, an operation it described as “genocidal” threatening the “very survival of the Palestinians” as a group. The Jewish state, which rejects the South African accusations, will respond on Friday.

MOVIE THEATER: Thursday is an important day for the Swiss delegation at the Cannes film festival, with the rise of the steps. Federal Councilor Elisabeth Baume-Schneider, in charge of culture, is there on the Croisette. As a reminder, four Swiss films were selected in the official selection.

DEMOCRACY: The Council of Europe celebrates its 75th anniversary in Strasbourg on Thursday, on the eve of the annual meeting of foreign ministers. Federal Councilor Ignazio Cassis is on site. As a reminder, former federal councilor Alain Berset is a candidate for the position of secretary general of the organization.

TODAY IT’S…: Like every May 16, today is the International Day of Light. It celebrates the role that light plays in science, culture and art, education and sustainable development, and in fields as diverse as medicine, communications and energy. All information on the UN website.

TODAY IS ALSO…: Like every May 16, today is the international day of living together in peace. States are invited to continue to act in favor of reconciliation in order to contribute to peace and sustainable development. All information on the UN website.

Seen in the press

BOUDRY: A fake assault rifle was found at the federal asylum center in Boudry (NE), ArcInfo reported on Thursday, repeating information from 20 Minutes. “This fake weapon was recovered on April 17 by the security service, then handed over to the Neuchâtel police,” the State Secretariat for Migration (SEM), which reported the case to the Neuchâtel public prosecutor, told ArcInfo.

The asylum seeker who held the weapon, a young man, was identified and interviewed as part of a procedure for violation of the law on weapons, notes the Neuchâtel police. The dummy weapon is a replica of the Swiss army assault rifle, the SIG-550 or Fass 90. It is a compressed air weapon, which fires pellets and is usually used at recreational purposes.

MIDDLE EAST: The rector of the University of Bern, Christian Leumann, says he fears, in the Basler Zeitung, the Berner Zeitung, the Bund and the Tages-Anzeiger on Thursday, for the reputation of the Swiss academic system following the protests of pro-Palestinian collectives in several Swiss universities.

If universities lose their political independence, they will no longer be useful, he believes. “We will then only be seen as activists. We will do the same thing as politics.” Society’s trust in science rests on its independence, he adds.

INDUSTRY: Federal councilors Albert Rösti and Guy Parmelin have not ruled out the idea of ​​supporting the Swiss steel industry, a sector in great difficulty, with climate funds, the Aargauer Zeitung, the Luzerner Zeitung and the St. Galler Tagblatt. Nothing is ready yet and many questions remain open, the newspapers point out.

The Climate Strike movement recommends going further, by nationalizing factories. A local steel industry is the basis of the energy revolution, he assures, emphasizing that for the production of wind and solar installations, clean supply chains are needed.

ENERGY: The reserve power station in Birr (AG) has no longer been connected to the electricity network since a fire in mid-February, which damaged the connection, the Aargauer Zeitung reported on Thursday. In the event of an emergency, the installation running on diesel would not be able to supply electricity. But Switzerland’s electricity supply has not been threatened so far, assures the national company for the operation of the electricity network Swissgrid in the newspaper.

In the event of an emergency, a repair would be possible within a few weeks, adds the operator. The Birr power station is expected to be ready to supply power again at the end of June, after the damaged cable has been replaced.

Switzerland weather flash

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Birthdays and jubilees

– 5 years ago (2019): death of Chinese-American architect Ieoh Ming Pei, builder of the Louvre pyramid in Paris.

– 15 years ago (2009): the Swiss people accepted by 67% the constitutional article requesting the consideration of complementary medicine. He gave a half-hearted yes (50.1%) to the introduction of biometric passports.

– 15 years ago (2009): the Sri Lankan government announces victory over Tamil rebels after more than 25 years of civil war.

– 20 years ago (2004): the Swiss people inflict a severe snub on the Federal Council and Parliament, by rejecting the 11th revision of the AVS, the tax package and the increase in VAT in favor of the AVS and AI by a two-thirds majority and in all cantons.

– 50 years ago (1974): birth of the Italian singer Laura Pausini (“La solitudine”).

– 55 years ago (1969): Birth of American actor David Boreanaz (“Bones”).

– 80 years ago (1944): birth of American actor Danny Trejo. He embodies the cliché of the eternal Latino villain in Hollywood with nearly 370 appearances on the big screen (“Desperado”, “Hell’s Wings”, “Heat”) and the small screen (“Breaking Bad”, “X -Files” and “Sons of Anarchy”).

– 95 years ago (1929): the Oscars were awarded for the first time.

Saying of the day

“On Saint-Honoré, if it’s frosty, the wine decreases by half.”

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