In Lot-et-Garonne, the anger of prison officers

In Lot-et-Garonne, the anger of prison officers
In Lot-et-Garonne, the anger of prison officers

Yesterday from 6 a.m., prison staff at the and Eysses prisons mobilized to honor the memory of the two officers killed in Eure.

In gloomy , between two croissants and a coffee, a feeling of anger was present in front of the Agen remand center yesterday morning. The day the death of two prison officers in Eure, following an extraction, around forty officers were present in front of the remand center. “95% of the guards at the Agen prison have walked off the job,” said a trade unionist.

Lot-et-Garonne has mobilized. In addition to the two deaths, two other people are in vital emergency and one has a toe injury. “After yesterday’s massacre, in solidarity and support, the Intersyndicale decided to carry out a dead prison operation,” notes the Force Ouvrière union delegate. In short, the staff stood outside all day. Only the medical staff was able to enter the remand center.

“We want more resources”

This killing highlighted, once again, the difficulties faced by the prison world. “We want more resources, we are an administration in pain. We need more weapons, vehicles, better organization in terms of human resources, hopes the delegate. We must stop with unnecessary extractions, video conferences also exist .”

“We move prisoners in delivery vehicles, this is no longer possible,” protests David, a 38-year-old prison guard. “We also need unmarked vehicles. There, we might as well put a target on the hood.”

Requests to also respond to the difficulties linked to the increasingly violent behavior of prisoners. “We are in contact with uninhibited violence, which is increasingly increasing. Now, these people are lawless and ready to do anything, even massacre agents during their mission.”

Met in the gathering, Sandrine, 53, has been a member of the local prison security teams (ELSP) since 2020. She deals in particular with the extractions and transfers of detainees, like her two colleagues killed in . “We tell ourselves that it could have been us. And, every day, we cross our fingers that it doesn’t happen to us,” says the latter. In May 2023, I too was confronted with an incident during a transfer. A prisoner who tried to escape It’s less serious but it’s significant. It’s also difficult for our families Since the assassination of our colleagues, my 15-year-old daughter hasn’t stopped. to cry because she is afraid for both her parents. My husband, her father, is also ELSP.”

On the side of the Eysses power plant, we have also taken over the prison square. The faces are serious in front of the closed gates blocked by a of tires and pallets, around which all the staff of the prison administration of the detention center are gathered. “We are all affected by this tragedy,” explains Karim El Hamdouchi, union delegate for FO Justice.

“The entire profession is in mourning today”

“What we feel is, first of all, sadness for the families of our colleagues killed in service. The entire profession is in mourning today.” In their eyes, we feel a tragedy that affects them all, as if each one felt the loss of a member of a large family. “Here, as in all detention centers, we are seriously short of staff. Working conditions are degraded, retirements are not compensated by new arrivals. We are forced to tinker to carry out our missions.”

At 11 a.m., a minute of silence was observed in front of the closed gates of the two Lot-et-Garonnais penitentiary establishments. The protest movement is renewed today.

On the side

From the palace…

The Agen courthouse followed the movement of the prison administration after the death of two officers on Tuesday in Eure. Shortly before the stroke of 11 a.m., the current sessions were adjourned. Civil party, lawyers and magistrates gathered in the room without loss to observe a minute of silence. A few moments before, everyone was talking and the murmurs gave the impression of an anthill. When the first president of the Agen Court of Appeal announces the start of the minute. Everyone is killing themselves. Staring into space, the emotion is palpable. Olivier Naboulet, the public prosecutor, offered his support to the victims: “Emotion and support from the judicial family: while a minute of silence was observed, the heads of courts were alongside the staff of the prison administration, one at the Eysses detention center, the other at the of Prison Administration, while I was present at the Agen remand center, with the judge. enforcement of sentences in charge of the establishment.”



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