six injured including two serious in a knife attack, one man arrested

six injured including two serious in a knife attack, one man arrested
six injured including two serious in a knife attack, one man arrested

A man “seriously injured” several passers-by in Zofingen, Switzerland. He was subsequently arrested by the police.

A man armed with a knife injured six people, two of them seriously this Wednesday, May 15 in the afternoon in the town of Zofingen, in northern Switzerland, before being arrested, cantonal police said. from Aargau.

The suspect “would be of foreign origin and would be around 40 years old”, indicates the police of the canton of Aargau in a press release, admitting to not knowing much about the man who is hospitalized and under surveillance.

However, she believes that he acted alone and that the population is no longer in danger. She has not yet said anything about what could have motivated the attacker.

He “used sharp and sharp bladed weapons”, with which he injured six people “including two seriously”, specifies the press release published late Wednesday evening. All the injured remained hospitalized Wednesday evening.

Arrested two hours later

The man first attacked a passer-by at the station of this town of around 12,000 inhabitants, which is about sixty kilometers south of Basel and the same distance west of Zurich.

He then walked and attacked several other people apparently at random before retreating into a house, according to the press release.

After approximately two hours, and after being contacted by a specialized team, the man was arrested by the police. He is also injured, police said.

He was also injured and was taken to hospital, said cantonal police spokesman Bernhard Graser. He told the daily Zofinger Tagblatt that the attacker was self-inflicted.

A pregnant woman

Among the injured are two members of the teaching staff of the Zofingen cantonal school, the director of the establishment, Patrick Strössler, confirmed to the news site

He said they were attacked outside the school grounds, and gave no indication of their state of health.

The regional daily Aargauer Zeitung reports the testimony of a reader whose pregnant wife was allegedly attacked by the stranger “with a metal object”.

The woman “was injured in the face and has some swelling but is doing well given the circumstances,” the husband told the newspaper. She was transported to the cantonal hospital of Aarau, about twenty kilometers from Zofingen.

The police launched an appeal for witnesses and asked the population to send them videos and photos for the purposes of the investigation.

Images broadcast by the Aargauer Zeitung show a large deployment of police and emergency services.

In particular, we can see members of the police in helmets and equipped with bulletproof vests taking equipment from a black 4X4, handguns at their belts. Other police officers come out of a vehicle that has arrived in a hurry, armed with assault rifles. We also see several ambulances and a helicopter.

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