SelectUSA 2024. An open door to the famous ‘American dream’

SelectUSA 2024. An open door to the famous ‘American dream’
SelectUSA 2024. An open door to the famous ‘American dream’

A little over a month before the 10th edition of “SelectUSA Investment Summit 2024”, the Consul General of the United States in Casablanca, Marissa Scott, gave a press conference on Tuesday, May 14 at Dar America in Casablanca, to clearly show the interest of this event to business leaders and even Moroccan startupers.

It was on the sidelines of this conference that the diplomat gave the interview at the opening of this article to L’Observateur du Maroc, Pouvoirs d’Afrique and Powers of Africa. She insists, as she did during the conference, on the need for Moroccan entrepreneurs, women and men, to discover the immense American market, of 332 million consumers, by entering through the door from SelectUSA. All 50 American states will be represented. All will come to show the advantages they offer to attract investors. “Starting by conquering the market of one of these states is the best way for Moroccan exporters and investors to go further on the American market,” advises Marissa Scott, confirming that the immensity of this market could be dissuasive to first sight.

“There is room for everyone,” assures Shakir Farsakh. The Consulate’s senior commercial attaché emphasizes that businesses of all sizes, including startups, have a place at SelectUSA. This event helped generate more than $200 billion in confirmed investments, according to official figures provided at the conference. According to the same Source, more than 10,000 unique customers were supported in their efforts last year thanks to SelectUSA.

Some Moroccan investors have already set foot in the USA. Their number has not been specified, but their success shows that the American dream is accessible to Moroccan entrepreneurs. Exporters, particularly of citrus fruits and artisanal products, have also successfully conquered the American market.

“Morocco is the only African country to have a free trade agreement with the United States,” recalled the consul general, noting that bilateral trade relations have experienced an upward trend in terms of volume and diversification. She gives as proof the record figure of more than 7 billion dollars made in 2023, according to the Moroccan Foreign Exchange Office. “Today, the Summit is another catalyst to further strengthen the enduring trade ties between our two nations,” she said.

On the institutional side, the consul announced the participation in SelectUSA of the Minister Delegate in charge of Investment, Convergence and Evaluation of public policies. The diplomat believes that the expected exchanges between Mohcine Jazouli and American ministers, officials and entrepreneurs could open new avenues in the Moroccan-American partnership. “A win-win partnership,” she assures after recalling that more than 150 American companies already operate in Morocco.

Marissa Scott loves Morocco and her eyes light up when she talks about it. Based on her own knowledge of the country, which she discovered twenty years ago before returning to take up her consular functions nine months ago, she says she is impressed by the profound transformations that the kingdom has undergone. Putting highlighting the positive effects of the 2022 World Cup and the future 2030 World Cup, she describes Morocco as a success story and invites Moroccan entrepreneurs to come and tell SelectUSA.

SelectUSA Tech offers a program aimed at female founders, entrepreneurs and international executives in the technology sector, called Select Global Women in Tech (SGWIT), underlines the Consulate General in its communication.

It was also clarified that the SelectUSA Tech Startups program helps eligible technology startups that are developing innovative technology products or services and that plan to expand into the American market over the next 2 or 3 years.




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