17 million euros to redo the crossing of La Roche-de-Rame

17 million euros to redo the crossing of La Roche-de-Rame
17 million euros to redo the crossing of La Roche-de-Rame

There will be no diversion at La Roche-de-Rame. The State had already announced it in 2023, the prefect has just reconfirmed it, if necessary. At the end of a meeting held on Tuesday May 14 at the Rochonne town hall, Dominique Dufour presented his plan B to local elected officials: the requalification of the Roche-de-Rame crossing. The option aimed at renovating the existing is therefore favored. A decision which risks making many people cringe among the defenders of the deviation… and nothing else. To finally “move forward on this issue” after decades of waiting, Mayor Michel Frison agreed to make concessions with the decision-maker-financer who was not ready to put 62 million euros on the table to divert the RN94 , erect two bridges over the Durance and damage the environmental ecosystem, according to studies by the Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing (Dreal).

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“It’s a realistic project”

In its project estimated at 17.3 million euros, the prefecture therefore intends to reclassify the road, create chicanes, cycle lanes and parking lots. “With this variant of development of the existing road, we meet the initial objectives of improving road safety and improving the quality of life of the inhabitants, with, in addition, a reclassified town center, more open to the remarkable sites of the city. The population of Roche-de-Rame has waited too long. It is a realistic integrated development project that we intend to bring to fruition,” explains prefect Dominique Dufour. Not sure that the “Division LRDR” and “Croquignards” associations, fiercely opposed to this plan B, share this opinion.




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