Omar, 14, seriously stabbed before his football training: “What are we waiting for? A dead person ? »

Omar, 14, seriously stabbed before his football training: “What are we waiting for? A dead person ? »
Omar, 14, seriously stabbed before his football training: “What are we waiting for? A dead person ? »

Nothing to do, the anger does not subside. Catherine Guillou nervously puffs on her electronic cigarette. Mehdi Mabrouk, for his part, sets his gaze for the umpteenth time on the puddle of blood which stains the Cosec parking lot in Draveil (Essonne).

It was there that, the day before, young Omar collapsed, stabbed in the thigh. A scene of horror for the Draveil FC U 14 team, who saw their comrade bloodied, lying on the ground, as he went to training. Omar celebrated his 14th birthday this Tuesday. He ended his day on a stretcher.

“There are no words, it’s terrible,” sighs Catherine Guillou, president of the club. She wants to pay tribute to the two Draveil FC educators who rushed to help Omar. Their action – a point of compression on the wound – undoubtedly made it possible to save the victim, whose femoral artery was grazed by the blade of the knife. This Wednesday, the teenager is still hospitalized at the Henri-Mondor hospital in Créteil (Val-de-Marne), surrounded by his family.

A blind rivalry

According to the first elements of the investigation, the young footballer was walking towards the Draveil sports complex when he was approached by two young people of his age. Him, the teenager from Les Bergeries, facing two boys from Les Mazières… one of whom was armed with a knife. The districts, although located in the same city, are “at war”. A blind rivalry that does not weaken, on the contrary.

“This is the third time in two months that a tragedy like this has happened,” squeaks Mehdi Mabrouk, vice-president of Draveil FC. He wants to talk about these “hammer blows” at the beginning of March, which left a young player at the club with concussions. Then this attack on a bus where young people from Mazières had sat. These incidents are in addition to other violence committed on the sidelines of football matches in Essonne, and particularly in Val d’Yerres – Val de Seine.

Each time in Draveil, brawls broke out in the club parking lot, a meeting place for the different camps. A place that should count on the presence of video surveillance cameras. Problem: “They don’t work. We’ve talked about it several times at town hall… Nothing happens. What are we waiting for ? A dead person ? » says Catherine Guillou.

Draveil, this Wednesday, May 15, 2024. The Draveil FC club is experiencing a period of great tension, due to risks between rival bands. LP/Thomas Diquattro

Beyond the useless cameras, it is on everything else that the Essonne club is campaigning for better support from the public authorities. “We feel helpless,” continues Mehdi Mabrouk, “we are no longer able to protect our children. » For example, the club has “been asking for a long time for a minibus to provide pick-ups in the areas concerned”, and thus prevent teenagers from coming by their own means, exposing themselves to the risk of attacks. A request that has remained a dead letter until now.

“We must not mix everything up,” replies Mayor (LR) Richard Privat. The bus had nothing to do with the attacks. On the other hand, I’m going to see about putting the camera on the neighboring building. » The debate will be discussed this Thursday during a meeting with the football district and the mayor of Draveil. It will also be an opportunity for educators to interact with young people made redundant, accompanied by their parents, who are “very shocked” after Omar’s attack.

The perpetrators on the run

Draveil FC brings together teenagers from different neighborhoods who kick the ball together, despite rivalries. “We are trying to achieve social diversity,” argues Mehdi Mabrouk, “by mixing everyone. We also take them on outings to create connections. And it works. The problem is once outside the club… The attacks are committed by young people who have nothing to do with football. » This is the same observation as the leaders of the FCO de Vigneux, a neighboring club facing the same problems.

This Tuesday, the two alleged perpetrators of Omar’s attack were still on the run. An investigation into “attempted voluntary homicide” was opened and entrusted to the DCT (division against territorial crime) of 91, specifies the public prosecutor of Évry-Courcouronnes, Grégoire Dulin. The investigation also concerns acts of “meeting theft”: the attackers allegedly opportunistically stole the victim’s cell phone after stabbing him.



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