275 parking spaces will be removed for the Tour&Taxis tram: “a lack of respect” denounces Molenbeek, compensation promised by the Region

A crucial step has been taken in the file, often put aside under this legislature, of tram 15 to connect Belgica to the Gare du Nord via the Tour&Taxis site. A permit application has just been submitted with a view to launching the work in 2026.

Major step in the construction of the “Tour & Taxis” tram: the work planned for 2026, here are the first images (PHOTOS)

And as always in Brussels, the arrival of the tram rhymes with new public facilities. Along the route, the arteries are set to metamorphose. No more Werrie roundabout, make way for “terraces”. Rue Picard and Boulevard Bolivar, many trees will be planted, sidewalks widened and cycle paths created.

In return, many parking spaces will be lost. According to our calculations, 275 locations will be deleted. In the Bolivar sector, 49 places will disappear. On the rue Picard side, there are now 182 spaces, notably thanks to parking perpendicular to the sidewalk.

A configuration destined to disappear. Of these 182 places, only 45 will remain, a reduction of 137 places.

In the Belgica sector, there are 89 fewer places.

“A massacre for mobility”

Deletions which are causing outrage in Molenbeek, in particular regarding rue Picard. “The removal of 140 parking spaces on rue Picard will be a massacre for mobility,” denounces Abdellah Achaoui (PS), who says “shocked and shocked”. “There are more and more businesses. A lot of people still drive into the neighborhood.”

The arrival of the Tour&Taxis tram puts rue Picard in turmoil: “the significant elimination of parking will jeopardize the tranquility of the neighborhood”

Generally speaking, the socialist alderman says he is in favor of the tram. For him, it is the exterior arrangements that pose a problem. As well as the method. The PS representative denounces a lack of consideration from Minister Elke Van den Brandt (Groen). “To force your way through because it is a regional road is a lack of respect. There were consultations and people expressed their concerns. As a community, we also expressed our dissatisfaction with an objective negative opinion. But the Region is moving forward. It’s an interesting project but it takes time. It was done too quickly, and without consideration. We need to review the copy.”

“We are allowing anger to increase in this neighborhood”: the PS opposes the removal of parking spaces for the construction of the Tour&Taxis tram

Compensation, promises Van den Brandt

Contacted, the office of Minister Elke Van den Brandt confirms the number of 275 places to be eliminated and ensures that it takes the problem seriously. Yes, many parking spaces are removed to make room for public transport, pedestrians and vegetation, but we do not do this without compensation.” According to the firm, the compensation problem arises especially for rue Picard. An alternative is provided in the Tour&Taxis underground car parks.

”The Region has confirmed the provision of off-street parking spaces along Rue Picard, reserved for residents directly impacted. These places are accessible at a preferential rate, the price of which is in consultation but, in addition, a social rate will apply according to social and economic criteria to be defined in consultation with the municipality.

Here is the number that the long-awaited future Tour&Taxis tram will carry: but be patient before seeing it roll…

Note that the new parking.brussels contract now requires, when heavily used spaces are removed, to find compensation options by making it easier for local residents to park in existing off-street car parks.

Also remember: the permit was requested for the construction of tram 15, but has not yet been granted. The administrative steps are still long before the groundbreaking, hoped by the regional authorities for 2026 with a view to an inauguration in 2029.



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