Poor Belgium! The French-speaking political system is locked by the “sanitary cordon”

According to the columnist from CNews and Figaro, Mathieu Bock-Côté, French-speaking Belgium is the least democratic region in Europe. Illustration by the electoral campaign for the elections of June 9, European, but also federal and regional in the country. The head of the N-VA list in Wallonia, Drieu Godefridi (our photo), is boycotted there by the media…

In Europe, the Walloons will not have the choice of the equivalent of the Republicans, the National Rally or Reconquest. Their most “right” possible choice will be the Reform Movement (to which Charles Michel, the President of the European Council, belongs), which sits in the same group (Renew) as the Macronists in the European Parliament…

The national right has no right of citizenship in French-speaking Belgium

On social networks, the party At Us, close to the National Rally, which defines itself as “patriotic”, is the most influential political account in French-speaking Belgium. However, subject to a strict “sanitary cordon” – unconstitutional – it has no visibility in the traditional media (television, radio and written press). However, according to the latest polls, this party represents the same sensitivity as 30% of voters in France (the National Rally) and the Netherlands (the PVV of Geert Wilders) and 24% in Flanders (the Vlaams Belang).

The N-VA, a Flemish nationalist movement, is Belgium’s leading political party in the federal parliament. The announcement, for the first time, of the submission of French-speaking lists by this party was covered by the media, but its French-speaking leader, Drieu Godefridi, is the subject of a personal boycott by the three national French-speaking television channels. For what ? Decided by who? According to what criteria? The mystery is total. It seems that it is his radical opposition to the European Green Deal and his past support for Donald Trump which justifies this opprobrium, but no one really knows, with no law or authority deciding who is the subject of an attack. sanitary cordon. The Marxist Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB) remains treated like a normal party.

Nuclear power, also a forbidden question

Another limitation is the very popular online “electoral tests” offered by most media, supposed to reveal which party you are closest to. Neither At Us, nor the N-VA are part of it despite the proposals that the latter is the only one to present: confederalism, moratorium on asylum, budgetary balance, choice of nuclear energy. In 2019, during the last elections, all the French-speaking parties represented in parliament were in favor of phasing out nuclear power in… 2025. There was therefore no debate on this major theme.

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In addition, the system outrageously benefits parties already represented who benefit from generous public support. Other political movements can only receive donations from individuals, capped at 500 euros per person (compared to €7,500 in France). Unless their candidates have personal wealth, they cannot properly finance their campaign.


Belgium is a particracy. Within the same party list, candidates compete with each other, but the authorized electoral spending limits are not the same for everyone; some, chosen by the party, can spend more. In addition, a system of “substitutes” makes it possible to choose those who will sit in place of deputies, who have become ministers, to the detriment of more popular “effective” candidates, thus diverting the choice of voters.

In France, according to polls, 45% of voters are preparing to vote for the Republicans, the National Rally or Reconquest, three political positions which are not represented in French-speaking Belgium. Are we to believe that French-speaking Belgians, Walloons or Brussels residents, are so different from the French or Flemish, at least 45% of whom vote for nationalist parties? Or rather, without right-wing media, and without ever hearing anything other than the sound of right-thinking, would they not be indoctrinated, bottle-fed, intimidated against a totally fantasized “extreme right”, but nevertheless omnipresent in public debate Belgian?

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