Local media Corrèze and surrounding areas

Here is a list of information actors in Corrèze and surrounding areas. These are collectives, associations and local initiatives that report, document and campaign to give meaning and color to local life.

The Corrézienne Kit

Associative newspaper born in 2014 in southern Corrèze. Local, free, beautiful, ecological, funny, fresh… Contributions welcome in writing, drawing, proofreading, distribution…

Limousine Mountain Union

An initiative of residents, the Syndicat de la Montagne Limousine is the tool we have equipped ourselves with to defend and implement our vision of the territory.

House of Human Rights (Limoges)

The interassociative space, in Limoges to reflect and build a united, democratic, peaceful and sustainable society

Télé Millevaches is a rural media. She produces video reports in the bustle of the Limousin Mountain (or the Millevaches plateau, whichever you prefer). Eco-friendly and supportiveshe also likes to define herself by her attitude: benevolent because a local media must take care of the people around it; determined because our times demand to be taken head on.

All the reports, from 1986 to the present day, are visible on their website. They favor free and decentralized means of distribution, respectful of privacy: email distribution list, Mastodon account, Peertube video platform.


Here is access to the Sarlat citizen information site.
A very rich selection of national/international information.
List of titles of their latest articles (click to open):

Garden of Eden

The Association “ Garden of Eden, Abundance at the heart of being* » created in 2012 in Brittany by Maryse Brillant and Jean François Bousquet took up residence in Champagnac la Prune in spring 2018. We are above all a place of welcome and healing.

The Blog section is very rich (1000+ articles), accessible by categories… consult JARDIN D’EDEN JFM (click)




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