“L’XPérience Xtrême” now available at the Cinéma Élysée

Investments estimated at $1.25 million were necessary to build a carbon copy of the facilities available at the Cinéma Triomphe in Terrebonne, decorated for “Best Use of Technology” at the 2022 North American Cinema Awards. The Ciné Entreprise group has enhanced what people in the industry call “the three S’s” with a 56-foot micro-perforated screen, three-dimensional Dolby Atmos sound and particularly comfortable seats.

“I’m very proud because even though my family has been in the business for 60 years, I continue to improve the technical side. Our regular theaters have sound and image quality to which our competitors can hardly compare, but we have taken things to another level with the XPérience Xtrême (XPX),” said the president of Ciné Entreprise, Raffaele Papalia, during from an interview conducted as part of a private viewing Wednesday morning.

“It allows our customers to rediscover cinema.”


From the back row, Raffaele Papali suddenly seemed very small. (Catherine Trudeau/La Voix de l’Est)

Many improvements

Upon entering the new room, our attention was first caught by the rocking seats with a width of 24 inches, two more than average.

“Your biggest challenge will be not falling asleep!” joked Mr. Papalia in front of the handful of curious people gathered at the Cinéma Élysée.

The latter also used his 6 feet and 4 inches template to demonstrate the immensity of the screen, which meets the requirements of the highly sought-after Premier Large Format (PLF) designation. As we have seen, the microperforations allow color optimization, even for a film that is somewhat dated like The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Mr. Papalia also claims to have invested in “the largest laser projector in Canada.”

As for sound, the Dolby Atmos system is not new in itself, but Ciné Entreprise has taken the formula a little further.

“I have six amplifiers in my regular rooms, while here I have 64. Each of them speaks to a speaker, and each speaker has been calibrated by a technician from Dolby San Francisco. It’s really high-tech.”

“There are people coming from Brazil, Florida, Los Angeles and Belgium to see what we did and try to copy us.”

The guests were even treated to light projections and a little smoke. We understand, however, that these flourishes are part of the “pre-show” and that they are not used during the films.

Movie buffs wishing to enjoy the “Xtreme Experience” will have to add $4.50 to the price of their ticket. A “premium” rate which, to date, has not given rise to the slightest complaint.

On an upward trajectory

It is obviously no coincidence that the inauguration of the new XPX room is scheduled a few weeks before the end of classes, which always marks the start of a prosperous period in the cinema industry. Asked about it par The Voice of the EastRaffaele Papalia also affirmed that the industry is currently following an upward trajectory.

“We are already talking about box office records in 2025 and 2026, because there are so many films that have been postponed with the pandemic and the screenwriters’ strike. […] Honestly, if I had doubts, I would not have invested 1.25 million!”


Our hosts wanted to point out that the front of the room is not yet completed, but it already looks great. (Catherine Trudeau/La Voix de l’Est)

The Cinéma Élysée seems to be doing well since, again according to its big boss, it was here that the third best start in Quebec was recorded for the French version of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. Mr. Papalia is hopeful that productions like Deadpool & Wolverine, Our sisters-in-law And 1995 will soon attract large crowds.



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