unrecognizable in a plunging neckline in Cannes, Miss France 2018 appeared in a stunning mermaid dress

The Cannes Film Festival has only just started, but the stars have already marked the event with their outfits, each more ravishing than the last. For the day of May 15, the two main actors of the film Furiosa, Anya Taylor-Joy And Chris Hemsworth, of course walked the red carpet. But models, like Maëva Couckewere also present.

The former Miss France didn’t just go to the Cannes Film Festival to attend a few film performances. As is customary for this great moment in cinema, the French model came dressed in a resplendent outfit and memorable. In a long white dress, almost beige, Maëva Coucke literally impressed everyone.

Maëva Coucke sublime in this long mermaid dress for the Cannes Film Festival

Maëva Coucke’s appearances have tended to become rarer for some time. The last time the former Miss France was seen in public was last January, when she participated in the Alpe d’Huez festival. She also seduced the public by dressing in a short skirt and thick red tights.

For the Cannes Film Festival, Miss France 2018, however, chose a very different, less casual outfit. Like other actresses and stars, Maëva Coucke preferred to come dressed ina long dress. Although the brand of this ensemble has not been revealed, it is clear that the model has opted for a creation of great luxury and a renowned stylist.

photo credit: Shutterstock Maëva Coucke

A mermaid dress with an impressive neckline for Maëva Coucke

If Maëva Coucke’s dress impressed, it is not only because of its beauty. This outfit is above all characterized by a style that is original and unusual to say the least. At the top, it is split in two a dizzying neckline. It went down just below the young woman’s chest.

This is also a stunning model of mermaid dress. This one, however, stands out for its more sober appearance than other outfits of the same type. Very often, these creations stand out with their more striking colors. But Maëva Coucke preferred to opt for a less extravagant version of this evening dress.

photo credit: Shutterstock The model Maëva Coucke

Maëva Coucke is not the only star to have come to the Cannes Film Festival wearing a mermaid dress

A sign that this mermaid dress was successful, Maëva Coucke’s dress is perfectly fitted at the thighs and knees. This outfit then ends with a very loose fabric at the bottom. This finish reflects the classic style of mermaid dresses. The former Miss France is not the only star to have been seduced by this style of Evening dress.

Model Maëva Coucke in a white dress

photo credit: Shutterstock Model Maëva Coucke in a white dress

For the day of May 14, the former Miss France and Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere also chose to wear a mermaid dress. Less fitted than that of Maëva Coucke, it was also more sparkling and colorful. This year, the Cannes Film Festival is once again taking on the air of fashion shows with the arrival of two great Miss France.



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