a gang of friends that we love

The dramatic comedy Beautiful floweravailable on Crave from Thursday, does not lack kinship with life lifethis cult work from the early 2000s. Friends who love each other, help each other, live with today’s concerns.

Signed Sarah-Maude Beauchesne and Nicolas Morel, a couple in life as well as in writing, the series also shows straight guys hugging each other. Tell themselves that they are there for each other, that they love each other, that they think they are beautiful. But sometimes they also tell each other their truths.

These guys exist in real life and it’s good to see them on our TV.

Comedian with a flourishing career, Nicolas Bellefleur (Guillaume Laurin) gives up on a tour of shows when he meets Ariane Chagnon (Charlotte Aubin), a nutritionist whom he urgently accompanies to the hospital during her delivery.

There date Improbable goes wonderfully well, even though Nico falls under the spell of the mother and the baby, Émile, who has just been born. The father having disappeared into the wild, Nico will make an ideal adoptive dad and boyfriend.

However, the initial charm crumbles after three years between Ariane and Nico. To cut ties, the mother refuses to allow her ex to see the child again, to whom he has nevertheless become attached.


Ariane (Charlotte Aubin) refuses to let her ex (Guillaume Laurin) see the child again, to whom he has nevertheless become attached. (Bell Media)

Despite all the attachment that has been created between them, the father-in-law has no rights over Émile. The separation is therefore double and cruel.

Originally from Sherbrooke, where his brother Maxime and several of his high school friends still live, Nico is hesitant to return to his hometown, where there are “too many Sea-Doos and coastlines per inhabitant,” he jokes.

Bravo to the production team, who thought of Guillaume Laurin for this good guy role, after all the bastards he played. Although his Mathis in Witches is not bad but a bit of a bad boy.

The actor is particularly credible in this new role, as is the rest of the cast, directed with skill by director Jeanne Leblanc (5th rank, Eyes closed).

Those who gravitate around are Yann (Marc-André Grondin), an English teacher who speaks English like a Spanish cow. As he and his girlfriend Raphaëlle (Sarah-Maude Beauchesne) do not want children, he is preparing to have a vasectomization.

For his part, Minh (Jean Bui, who we saw in the film Ru) is dealing with the cancer of his blonde Marie (Marilyn Castonguay), which he is not yet ready to announce to their two daughters, who are still children.

There is also Alex (Guillaume Cyr), whose teenage son (André Kasper) cannot forgive him for having cheated on his mother (Nathalie Doummar).

Finally, Nico’s brother, Maxime (Maxime de Cotret) still feels unable to announce to his colleagues that the baby he and his girlfriend Claudie (Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) are expecting will have Down syndrome.

In short, all imperfect beings but to whom we become attached very quickly.

Forget the stunts and the police chases. Beautiful flowerthis is real life.


Minh, Raphaëlle and Claudie (Jean Bui, Sarah-Maude Beauchesne and Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse) are part of the gang of friends. (Bell Media)

The series may feature five guys, “it’s one of the most feminist I’ve done,” confides Sarah-Maude Beauchesne, to whom we owe in particular Fork.

“In today’s society, we can think that there is a regression. Men lack direction and are not doing well. We are seeing a resurgence of masculinists on social networks, teenagers see them as models. It’s degenerating. I rather cling to this hope of having a positive influence with the series,” confides the author, who highlights the contribution of comedian Suzie Bouchard to the texts.

We can call it a gem of a series, with fine and tasty dialogue. We measure the talent of the authors when the most banal exchanges become also funny and charming, when we go from laughter to tears in the same scene.

We also speak of a benevolent work. The word may be overused, but it suits this charming 10 half-hour series perfectly, which I would have liked to see in full after watching the first four episodes. Alas, we are offered two per week to make us languish.

By the way, things are going well for Crave, a platform to which people subscribed mainly for HBO series and other foreign products at first.

Know that the series In Memoriam rose to the top of the most watched titles in Quebec on Crave, all languages ​​combined. In the country, it is the No. 1 French-language series of the year on the Bell platform.

>>>Marie-Louise Arsenault will be on TV twice this fall.>>>

Marie-Louise Arsenault will be on TV twice this fall. (Josie Desmarais/La Presse)

Everything can happen on TV

The excellent ICI Première meeting Everything can happenhosted by Marie-Louise Arsenault, will be adapted for television and broadcast on ICI RDI on Saturdays late evening, starting next season.

The broadcaster promises to retain the essence of the radio concept, including Paul Charles’ house orchestra and Jean-Philippe Cipriani’s weekly review.

We had already tried the experiment with The evening is (still) young, which had its TV version on ICI ARTV for a few seasons, before abandoning the idea. Conversely, Everybody talks about it benefits from radio broadcasting on ICI Première.

This means that Marie-Louise Arsenault will be doubly present on TV from the fall, since she is taking over the hosting of the magazine In the media at Télé-Québec.

I really like Everything can happenwhere anything can indeed happen and where the host frankly addresses the most delicate questions with her guests.

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