“France is sinking into insecurity and violence”

“France is sinking into insecurity and violence”
“France is sinking into insecurity and violence”

INTERVIEW – The leader of the senatorial right denounces the collapse of the sovereign state and the insurrectional situation in New Caledonia by urging the executive to have the courage for “rupture and action”.

LE FIGARO. – Emmanuel Macron convened a Defense and National Security Council, against a backdrop of severe security and penitentiary crises. He also announced a state of emergency in New Caledonia. What do you think ?

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BRUNO RETAILLEAU. – I had requested the establishment of a state of emergency. This should make it possible to give more powers to the authorities to restore order. But it must also be a signal: the Republic is at home everywhere. New Caledonia is France. And three times, New Caledonians have expressed their desire to remain French. Let us not give in to the blackmail of violence.

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I am obviously for the resumption of dialogue and I do not ignore that the troubles in New Caledonia also come from a very deep economic and social crisis. Yes to dialogue, therefore, but not without conditions. The first condition is a return to calm and respect for the rule of law. France is sinking into insecurity and violence

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