Rapper murdered in Montreal “glorified” crime in his music

Rapper murdered in Montreal “glorified” crime in his music
Rapper murdered in Montreal “glorified” crime in his music

In the aftermath of the murder of 27-year-old rapper Christopher Shawn Jean Vilsaint, aka Dirty S, Sophie Durocher looked into the music of the late artist.

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She observed in her music videos a “glorification” of violence, weapons and drugs.

“All the lyrics of his songs are about crime, deals drugs, bad police officers and stays in prison,” mentions the columnist.

“In his song “Addict” […], I counted 26 gunshots in the 3m30 video. It still gives a good idea of ​​the love and kindness that reign in the world of Monsieur Dirty S,” she adds.

Sophie Durocher also says she is concerned about the values ​​transmitted by this style of music.

“It worries me for the young people who listen to this rap. We are glorifying a criminal lifestyle,” says the columnist.

“It’s like to be a good rapper, you have to be a bad rapper. You have to be a villain, you have to be a thug, you have to be a criminal. It’s part of the DNA of this type of music,” she adds.

Ms. Durocher also questions the omnipresence of the theme of death in the songs and video clips of Dirty S.

“We have the impression that it’s as if he expected one day or another to be shot, that he talked about it, that he trivialized it and that he minimized it even by a small margin. certain way in his songs. It’s really very disturbing to listen to these songs the day after this man’s death,” says the columnist.

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