Swore. Comcom supports cultural events | Weekly 39

The councilors of the Champagnole Nozeroy Jura community of communes met to award various grants. The first concerns the Archéojurasites association. It is known for its numerous archaeological excavation works on the intercommunal territory. Since 2011, annual operating aid of 3,000 euros has been granted to the association within the framework of three-year agreements. Since 2020, it has been agreed that it would be preferable if the award of this grant were now renewed each year and no longer granted for three years.

Biz’Art Biz’Art prepares its 22e season 1er June to 1er october. To support this gallery in Vaudioux, elected officials voted €2,500.

Concerning the usual partnership with Promodégel, €7,000 will be awarded for a big electro evening, on November 29, at the Oppidum de Champagnole. It is Dimension Bonus that the Moulin de Brainans has chosen to perform on stage.

The Nuits Rebelles also continue with the involvement of town halls: June 9 in Chapois and June 21 in Bief-du-Fourg. €1,500 will benefit each evening.

Since 2015, the Foncine-le-Bas photographic association has organized an annual exhibition in general in June, entry to which is free. Community elected officials support the initiative with €500.

New, the Collège floral de France association in Crotenay organized the Palladian Spring at the Villa Palladian this weekend. On the program, thousands of plants and plant decorations to study, equestrian shows, a prestigious meeting with some four thousand spectators expected. Apart from one abstention, a grant of €5,000 was voted.

The community of municipalities will also pay €10,500 to the City of Champagnole for the Women’s Tour de France.

Finally, for the Festi’Rêves theater festival with Va t’en rêve de Nozeroy from June 21 to 26, the community is supporting it with €1,000.



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