WORLDWIDE – Akira Schmid cleared, 4th Swiss success

WORLDWIDE – Akira Schmid cleared, 4th Swiss success
WORLDWIDE – Akira Schmid cleared, 4th Swiss success
Preliminary round – Group A

GOALS (SOG: 30-15)
03:48 Hischier (Josi, Fiala) 1-0
13:36 Kukan (Siegenthaler, Herzog) 2-0
39:36 Niederreiter (Fiala, Josi / PP1) 3-0

After two great energy-consuming battles, the Swiss team had a quieter evening against Great Britain. After missing a penalty (Kevin Fiala), but having taken a 2-0 lead in the first period, the men of Patrick Fischer had no trouble resisting Great Britain, which would wait a little longer before celebrating a new success against the Confederates. The last one dates from 1953!

The Swiss worked hard, very disciplined and above all eager not to leave the team of Peter Russell. Thing done with the fourth goal of the competition Nico Hischier. Dean Kukan then doubled the lead in the 14th minute, logically.

Subsequently, Great Britain was a completely respectable opponent, without being able to limit the Swiss momentum in numerical superiority: Nino Niederreiter, at the end of the second period, allowed his team to take a 3-0 lead, and the Swiss powerplay had a record of 8 out of 16 in the tournament. Last year, the Czechs (the best in this exercise) scored eight goals in numerical superiority, which Switzerland had now done in four matches.

Too limited to stop the speed of the Nati, the British conceded too many turnovers to hope for anything concrete this evening. And we quickly understood that the match would be one-sided: until Kukan’s 2-0, Great Britain had only skated for… 14 seconds (!!!) in the Swiss zone.

In short, Fischer and his men did not have to suffer to achieve this victory, the fourth in the tournament. The match was not the most exciting, but it was completely in control for the Helvetii. Mission accomplished, with the added bonus of a shutout for Akira Schmid on the occasion of his first tenure with the Nati. A team which will now benefit from two days of rest before facing Denmark on Saturday at midday. She could then formalize her qualification for the quarter-finals.




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