the press release from the Patriotes Riders

Faced with the increase in road accidents in Senegal, the Patriotes Raiders have initiated an online petition to raise awareness among road users. The Patriotes Riders Team also calls on the government to take drastic measures to put an end to this critical situation. Here are the 10 proposals made in their petition.

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“1. Respect for the law and the Highway Code: we demand that the law and the Highway Code be strictly respected by all road users, whether they are drivers of motor vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists.

2.Application of sanctions provided for by law: We demand that sanctions for traffic violations be applied strictly and fairly, without any form of favoritism or corruption.

3. Strengthening police and gendarme checks: we call for a strengthening of police and gendarme checks on the roads, in order to deter dangerous behavior and ensure compliance with traffic rules.

4.Fight against corruption: we demand a firm fight against corruption in the processes of obtaining a driving license, technical inspections, control and payment of fines, in order to ensure the integrity of road controls.

5.Identification and securing of dangerous roads: we demand the identification of the most dangerous roads and the implementation of adequate safety measures, such as road improvements, speed limits and awareness campaigns.

6. Safety signage on road construction sites: we emphasize the importance for companies in charge of road construction sites to put in place adequate signage to guarantee the safety of road users.

7. Establishment of a special motorized brigade equipped with on-board cameras: we propose the creation of a special motorcycle brigade equipped with on-board cameras, responsible for tracking offenses such as using the telephone while driving, in order to reinforce road safety and deter dangerous behavior.

8. Regulation and legislation on the transport of people by motorcycles: we demand stricter regulation and legislation concerning the transport of people by motorcycles, by imposing safety standards such as the wearing of helmets for the driver and passenger, limitations on the number of passengers, and mandatory training for motorcycle taxi drivers.

9.NUpdate of the regulatory framework: We are calling for an update of the regulatory framework concerning public transport vehicles and motorcycle taxis, in order to clarify the obligations and responsibilities of owners and drivers in terms of road safety.

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