these firearm cartridges discovered in the middle of the forest at the heart of the investigations

Almost 8 months since Lina’s family has heard from the teenager. The one who disappeared on September 23, 2023, on the departmental road which led to Saint-Blaise-la-Roche in Bas-Rhin, is still nowhere to be found. The investigators in charge of the case are continuing their investigations in search of potential clues. This is how cartridges discovered in the forest caught their attention.

For more than 7 months, the gendarmes of the research section have been combing the surroundings of Saint-Blaise-la-Roche and La Plaine, the village where Lina and her mother Fanny Groll live. In vain. After several interrogations, searches and searches in a recycling center and a pond, they were interested in gun casings found a few kilometers from the place where Lina disappeared.

Disappearance of Lina, 15 years old: these cartridges found a few meters from La Plaine intrigue the gendarmes

According to an article published last March by The latest news from Alsace (DNA), investigators found firearm cartridges in the La Plaine forest. Although sent for analysis, these cartridges do not in themselves nothing special. Indeed, in a wooded region with a community of hunters, it is not uncommon to find ammunition.

However, this interest in cartridges which certainly belong to hunters and would therefore have no link with Lina’s disappearance, proves that the investigators are not neglecting any detail. While there is no bodyno trace of blood, nor witnesses, “The slightest word can trigger something”, confided a gendarme last March. Even today, the gendarmes are looking for “broken branches”, “clothing” or even objects “belonging to the victim”, report our colleagues.

Disappearance of Lina in Bas-Rhin: these firearm cartridges discovered in the middle of the forest at the heart of the investigations

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Disappearance of Lina in Bas-Rhin: this decision of investigators strongly criticized by the mother

The gray areas in this worrying disappearance case multiply as silence settles. Indeed, the two investigating judges who opened a judicial investigation for “kidnapping and sequestration” do not wish to communicate on the case for understandable reasons. However, this silence of justice led Lina’s mother to rant.

On May 12, Fanny Groll was interviewed by the Sept à Huit teams on TF1. The mother explained that she was experiencing “hell”. “I’m desperate to have a conversation. It’s just hell since September of not knowing anything, the fact that the judges refuse to communicate or give me anything”, she confides and adds: “The investigators are also bound by the secrecy of the investigation and the secrecy of the investigation, which means that even when I ask questions, they clearly tell me that they cannot answer me.”.

Lina soon found? This traumatic event which marked her cousin

The mother of the missing teenager also criticizes investigators for their lack of interest in a disturbing event which took place a few weeks before the tragedy. Indeed, according to Lina’s cousin, Louane, the young girl had been cyberharassed since her filing of complaint for gang rape. The high school student accused two adult men aged 19 and 20, at the time of the alleged acts, of sexually assaulting her in May 2022 when she was 13 and a half years old.

photo credit: DR

A complaint which would have led to threats on social networks, says her cousin, but also to the theft of her motorcycle, says Fanny Groll. “The garage has been broken into. It seems that they used a crowbar (…) There must have been two of them (…) I thought that someone wanted Lina harm and that it was targeted”, said the mother. According to her, these events were not taken into account by the investigators. For now, the investigation to find Lina continues.




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