Maurice, 110 years old and dean of the French, has already made an appointment for next year

Maurice, 110 years old and dean of the French, has already made an appointment for next year
Maurice, 110 years old and dean of the French, has already made an appointment for next year


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May 15, 2024 at 8:32 p.m.

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Maurice Le Coutour is an elegant person. In his room, he likes to switch from one cap to another to avoid, as he says, “drafts” on his head.

In recent days, he dresses in gala attire. We don’t turn 110 every day. Tuesday May 14, 2024there direction and the staff of the Barfleur nursing home (Manche) invited the residents at a tea party to celebrate the one who, on May 12, became super centennial.

Thanks to the staff

” THE old age is often difficult to bear, says Maurice Le Coutour. There solitude is sometimes heavy, despite visits from friends and of my nephews and nieces. A very difficult hearing does not allow me to take full advantage of it. However, I have no reason to complain. I am aware of still benefiting from a good healthwhich today makes me the oldest male French. »

In his family, some call it the rock. Time passes, but it still looks damn good. No doubt because he knows how to see and find the little joys, where they are. “I was far from thinking that one day, a little kid from Gouberville would reach 110 years old,” continues Maurice.

Sometimes he laughs and says that to retire at 65 was really not a good deal for the state. Maurice’s life goes through two centuries and not the easiest with its warshis trials, theevolution of society of which he is the faithful witness.

His father, Édouard, was carpenter and his mother, housewife. At the time, families lived by barter between fishermen And small farmers. Potatoes for crabs or bouquet, and two, three cows in the enclosure, that was enough to live on.

“I renew my thanks to those who take care of us”

Born in 1914in small granite house based in the village of Gouberville, Maurice lived there three years ago, alone, with as his only help a lady who came several times a week to do a little household. One day, he had to convince himself that life would be calmer with residents around him, in a very large residence specialized for that purpose, a few kilometers away.

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“I renew my thanks to all those who take care of us at daily, nurses, caregivers and night supervisors by highlighting their skills and appreciating their smiles, Maurice wrote in his speech. And this, despite a difficult jobwhich often requires a lot of compassion and of patience. »

Forever a child of Gouberville

Gouberville has not forgotten him, however. Already, because he comes back quite regularly to spend the afternoon in his house. And then, theformer municipal councilor has become a pertussis. In his room at the nursing home, the photo of his 100th birthday is framed.

He is carrying a little girl there. At the time, the oldest and the youngest in the village, just think! On Sunday, as has become the custom in recent years every May 12, the town bells rang for his birthday. Before and after the mass given in his honor.

Mass was something he was very attached to.

Max Hostingue (One of his nephews)

The witnesses recount a very beautiful “homily” by Father Mabire, who came out of his “retirement” (which only has the name) for the occasion. For several weeks, the family struggled to find a priest and, thus, that this mass can take place. Contact was made at diocese of the Armed Forcesled by a bishop for the Catholics.

After all, mechanically, Maurice is the oldest veteran in France… Alas, their activity is dedicated to the beneficiaries of the Ministry of the Armed Forces and the gendarmerie… At the exit of the church, a barn had been installed by the commune of Vicq-sur-Mer. We had to be patient, and almost queue up to come and wish Maurice a happy birthday. About a hundred people were present. The family then met at the Mora hall in Barfleur. Maurice has already made an appointment for next year.

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