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Tuesday evening, 25-year-old American singer Madison Beer was present at MTelus as part of her Spinnin tour. The singer and model offered a show lasting more than two hours to her fans, during which she sang as much with grace and sensuality as with childish and sparkling energy.

The Spinnin tour is singer-songwriter Madison Beer’s third. In two hours of concert, the young artist had time to perform numerous pieces from several of her albums. One of the first songs performed, Good In Goodbyeis sung at the top of their lungs by the audience.

Every time a new piece begins, the audience screams with joy, recognizing the pieces from their first notes. Madison Beer is a talented singer. His music makes you want to dance, even jump.

On several occasions, Madison Beer shows her vocal talents by allowing herself freedom in interpretation. She extends notes to show the power of her voice, stops suddenly, then picks up again. No lip-syncs in sight.

Photo by Susan Moss.

A caring celebrity

Throughout her concert, Madison Beer addresses her fans, she pays attention to them. The singer takes the time to look at the members of the public, she compliments them. She admitted to being touched and impressed by the drawings and other gifts that some admirers brought her. The young singer took the time to notice the audience’s investment, both in their outfits – many spectators had put bows in their hair or wore corsets or floral designs – and in their ability to sing.

Madison Beer says she is very grateful for the welcome the Montreal public has given her: “Thank you for the warmest welcome of the entire tour so far,” she declared, visibly moved. On several occasions, the artist confides that he wants to speak to his audience and likes to take the time to have these little moments of discussion. She adds, however, that she does not want to take too much time, in order not to disturb, but the public is unanimous on this subject: these moments are far from disturbing, on the contrary.

The American singer also offered flowers to her audience. After a short exit from the stage, she reappears with a bouquet of roses and throws it into the crowd. All these little touches make the concert unique and allow spectators to feel closer to the musician.

Dance and sensuality

Madison Beer is not only a singer, she is also a model and has pretty features, her fans will not say otherwise. She knows it and takes advantage of it, the singer seems to like doing choreographies with sensual movements. Her fan base, mainly made up of teenagers, young women and queer people, calls her “mama” or even “mother”, terms which demonstrate their admiration for the artist. Spectators applaud him as much for his graceful movements as for his singing talents.

Beyond the dancing moments, video extracts are projected on a large screen in the shape of an arc at the back of the stage. On these screens, the public will see videos by Madison Beer, but also visuals representing the earth, the stars, or even a flowery field, to illustrate the artist’s pieces. Some of the visuals had already been used when Madison Beer came to the Olympia in Montreal in October 2021. However, they remain no less beautiful or impressive.

Photo by Susan Moss.

The pop star dances energetically while singing during the two-hour concert. Neither she nor her fans seem to want the evening to end. It’s around 11:30 p.m. that the spectators begin to return home, with smiles on their faces.

Two first games for the price of one

At 8 p.m., singer Destiny Rogers arrives on stage. This is the first time she has opened for Madison Beer since the start of the Spinnin tour. She will perform some of her songs, as well as a cover of Nobody Gets Me by SZA. It is during this cover that the audience will be most receptive, because they were more familiar with the song and its lyrics.

Shortly after leaving the stage, it was Charlotte Lawrence’s turn to enter the stage. This second first part is better known to members of the public. A few people sing with the artist, the room warms up. The heat in the MTelus is such that some people in the crowd needed to go out during the concert, or even get help from security. When a person feels unwell in the room, the singer stops and only resumes when security has confirmed that the person is being taken care of. Charlotte Lawrence will strongly advise spectators to hydrate well.

Although the two artists who opened the evening managed to wake up the room and put it in the mood, a long wait between the end of Charlotte Lawrence’s part and the arrival of Madison Beer seemed to frustrate more than a few. a person.



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