LIVE: Switzerland-Great Britain – Red Card

05/15/2024 9:14 p.m.Ghost Team

05/15/2024 9:10 p.m.Some stats

As we get bored during the break, we have to pass the time well. Britain’s greatest victory in history came in 1989, a 29-0 victory over New Zealand. Switzerland should therefore logically win 156-0 this evening.

05/15/2024 8:58 p.m.Power rankings: update!

Eurovision was definitely followed all over the world…

05/15/2024 8:57 p.m.End of third!

We’re taking advantage of this confrontation to ask you this question: don’t you think that the end-of-period ringing sounds strangely like bagpipes?

05/15/2024 8:56 p.m.Digital equality

Roman Josi takes pity on his opponents and lets himself be penalized out of charity.

05/15/2024 8:54 p.m.First Swiss power play

Bertschy didn’t even have time to fake this very real mistake. Numerical superiority!

05/15/2024 8:52 p.m.Unsung hero

Lake is very prominent in this match. It is rumored that his wife, Geneva, asked him to contact John Fust for a transfer to the LHC.

05/15/2024 8:49 p.m.Emotion!

The British almost set up the power play for 3 seconds!

05/15/2024 8:46 p.m.First penalty

Switzerland in box play. I might as well tell you that we are trembling…

05/15/2024 8:45 p.m.GOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL!!!

2-0! Kukan pierces the goalkeeper who thought he was his idol Reto Berra on this one!

05/15/2024 8:42 p.m.Post!

Dario Simion adjusts the amount of the opposing goal, Whistle whistles in admiration.

05/15/2024 8:38 p.m.Triple nationality

Sam Ruopp, a British player by trade, is in fact Canadian-German. So when you’re not incredibly good, you can always find a way to participate in a World Championship.

05/15/2024 8:33 p.m.Cam lookalike

We are told that British coach Peter Russell looks a lot like Boris Johnson.

05/15/2024 8:28 p.m.AND GOAL!!!

1-0 for the Nati! Hischier on an assist from Josi, the routine. It’s unclear whether the Brits plan to hit the puck tonight.

05/15/2024 8:26 p.m.Missed !

Fiala misses his deal against the doorman whose surname we keep (Whistle) for future jokes on the arbitration. We told you not to get too excited.

05/15/2024 8:24 p.m.PENALTY!

Niederreiter stopped irregularly alone in front of the goalkeeper. Don’t get excited, it’s not as easy to score as in football…

05/15/2024 8:21 p.m.Some shots on target already recorded in the neighboring country

05/15/2024 8:20 p.m.Beware of overconfidence

We suggest that the Nati does not relax before having scored 10 goals this evening, you never know.

05/15/2024 8:19 p.m.Nothing to see but…

…we don’t know if we’ll be able to sleep after the match tonight.

05/15/2024 8:19 p.m.Power rankings (2)

To find Great Britain, you still have to scroll a little…
Shots fired!!

05/15/2024 8:18 p.m.Power rankings (1)

The IIIHF tries each year the funny exercise of power ranking according to the form of the teams as the tournament progresses. Switzerland arrives quite early despite its mixed start to the tournament (this expression is still quite fascinating).
It must be admitted that the valves are up to the task.

05/15/2024 8:17 p.m.Prague security is on edge

It is said that since what happened to Djokovic in Rome last Friday, water bottles are no longer welcome in the stadium. It is therefore obligatory to drink local beer.

05/15/2024 8:16 p.m.A few more minutes of patience…

Just time for us to note that the RTS does not have any archive images featuring this winter sports giant that is Great Britain in the 21st century.

05/15/2024 8:16 p.m.The evening tactic

…on the British side:
This is what the subjects of Her Most Grumpy Majesty have planned to park this evening (thanks to Knospins04, owner of this photo on Wikimedia Commons).

05/15/2024 8:15 p.m.Welcome to this live!

Right off the bat we offer you a rare picture of the last time Britain was competitive internationally:
Cutting of the Chicago Tribune of March 2, 1924, which has since passed into the public domain (note that the reporter was not very familiar with the type of object used in this ice sport).



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