In Savoie and Haute-Savoie, the real estate market is regaining its rhythm

In Savoie and Haute-Savoie, the real estate market is regaining its rhythm
In Savoie and Haute-Savoie, the real estate market is regaining its rhythm

For the seasonal rental market in resorts, the winter season was generally good (+2% in France), and even more so in the Alps (+7% in Savoie, +4% in Haute-Savoie), with however large disparities, the lack of snow having penalized certain massifs of Auvergne or Vosges (drop by half), to a lesser degree the Pyrenees (-7%).

Another observation, for the first time, the season is marked by a greater gap between the drop in reservations in charming resorts, and the significant increase in large areas, skiers gaining altitude to ensure a better snowfall rate.

For Fnaim Savoie-Mont-Blanc, “with the beginning of the drop in interest rates, the market is returning to its previous rhythm”

Also on the transaction side, the effects of climate change are motivating some owners of low-lying properties to sell in order to buy higher up, although the phenomenon remains moderate for the moment. Globally, demand remains strongprices are not falling, notes Thomas Arneodo, mountain market referent at Fnaim. “With the decline in interest rates, he said, the market is returning to its pre-Covid pace. We are witnessing a balancing.”

On high-end products, transactions are longer (3 to 5 months), with owners banking on a more marked drop in rates over time, which would allow them to position themselves on properties worth several million euros in better conditions.

Winter sports resorts are preparing for the future

In Savoy, according to Bérengère Servat, deputy president of Fnaim Savoie Mont Blanc, transaction volumes have increased, particularly in Tarentaise in Les Arcs or La Plagne where prices are around 6,000.00 euros/m². “We note the interest of a wealthy international clientele who buy without a bank loan, looking for an exceptional property to ensure maximum snowfall in future years.”

Knowing that the average price is 6 to 7,000 euros/m² in the charming resorts of the Alps (4 to 5,000 elsewhere) but can rise to 10,000 euros/m² in Megève or Avoriaz in Haute-Savoie and even 13,000 euros /m² to 14,000 euros/m² in prestigious resorts in Savoie, up to budgets above 25,000 euros/m² for exceptional properties (individual chalets) in Méribel and Val d’Isère for example.

Regardless, thethe effects of climate change, force stations to prepare for their future. Those at low altitude have been working there for several years, diversifying their activities and also managing to attract more people in summer, by attracting customers looking for freshness.

The large resorts have also taken the plunge, to support the change in behavior of their customers who ski for less time than in the past (three and a half hours per day), offering them an adapted and increasingly diversified leisure offer.



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