Moroccans sequestered in Burma: The embassy is closely monitoring the situation

Moroccans sequestered in Burma: The embassy is closely monitoring the situation
Moroccans sequestered in Burma: The embassy is closely monitoring the situation

The Moroccan embassy in Bangkok is closely monitoring the situation of Moroccan citizens who are victims of human trafficking in Myanmar and is taking steps to help them, said Abderrahim Rahhaly, Moroccan ambassador to Thailand.

Contacted by MAP, Mr. Rahhaly confirmed that several Moroccan nationals are being held by illegal organizations established in rebel areas in Myanmar, close to the border with Thailand.

These Moroccan nationals, he said, are part of several thousand people of all nationalities, particularly from African, Asian and European countries.

According to the stories of families and survivors, they found themselves in this situation after being lured by fraudulent job offers allegedly in e-commerce, promising high salaries and attractive working conditions.

After being lured to meeting points in Malaysia and Thailand, they were transported by trafficking networks to areas controlled by armed rebel groups in Myanmar, to be employed in clandestine call centers operating in cyber crime, he explained.

“The people recruited are usually responsible for luring people from their country of origin into various scams, via fake profiles, sometimes in the form of so-called investment portals, fake gambling sites and sometimes platforms of fraud and blackmail to privacy”.

In this regard, the ambassador called for greater vigilance in the face of recruitment attempts which are still ongoing, through local touts and via the internet.

Mr. Rahhaly indicated that the Moroccan Embassy is in daily contact with the Thai authorities in particular, in order to monitor the situation and collect all information concerning the Moroccan citizens concerned and come to their aid, while stressing the importance of surrounding these steps take all necessary precautions so as not to compromise the security of our nationals or expose them to reprisals.

The Embassy also coordinates with the Chancelleries of countries whose nationals are in the same situation, as well as with regional and international organizations operating in the area, including the International Organization for Migration (IOM), he said. -he adds.

The work on the ground is part of the continuity and complementarity with the measures taken by the authorities in Rabat, in particular the investigation opened by the Police Services, on the instructions of the Prosecutor’s Office, indicated the ambassador of His Majesty the King .



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