Gard. A statue targeted by gunfire: “It’s not due to chance!” »

Gard. A statue targeted by gunfire: “It’s not due to chance!” »
Gard. A statue targeted by gunfire: “It’s not due to chance!” »


Charles Dos Santos

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May 15, 2024 at 7:32 p.m.

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HAS Alès (Gard), the mystery thickens around the imposing statue of the Virgin in the hermitage. This dominates the Notre-Dame-des-mines chapel.

This is the same statue that was discovered riddled with bullets a few months ago.

Accurate shots

Contacted by, Chantal BostPresident of the association which manages the site, reviews the facts and gives information on the prize pool launched very soon.

“The shootings were discovered by parishioners at the end of summer 2023. We immediately contacted the national police. An investigation was opened quickly, for the moment, without any convincing progress,” begins the fifty-year-old.

After the moment of amazement and incomprehension after such a gesture, the Gard association which has managed this religious site for many years contacted several companies in Occitania to quantify the repairs to be planned.

“These shots owe nothing to chance. The statue is 6 meters high. Bullet holes were found on the right hand as well as the left cheek. The shots were therefore deliberate and very precise”deplores, for her part, the President.

17,000 euros

In the memory of parishioners, such an act had never been committed on this imposing statue which adorns the Alesian chapel.

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“The fact that the right hand was affected and that it will soon undergo major repairs saddens many people also within the association that I chair. And for good reason, it had just been repaired for other reasons,” says the manager, saddened.

Several quotes have been sent to the association since the end of 2023. The cost of the work is not free. Far from there. Officials of the association indicated that these repairs amount to 17,000 euros.

Prize pool soon to be launched

” It’s a very large amount. The association is absolutely not able to finance this work 100% itself,” says Chantal Bost. The idea arose to launch an online prize pool. The idea will become reality.

“It is imperative for us to repair this work as soon as possible. The impacts are creating rust. This work is as important as it is urgent. The prize pool will quickly be put online. We are counting on the generosity of the public to save the statue » concludes, saddened, the President of the Gard association.

The call for donations is now officially launched.

Notre-Dame-des-mines Association. Promenade de l’Ermitage in Alès (Gard). Tel: 06 65 40 10 36. More information can be found on the association’s website.

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