Church of the Most Holy Sacrament: a new photo exhibition

Church of the Most Holy Sacrament: a new photo exhibition
Church of the Most Holy Sacrament: a new photo exhibition

A photo exhibition consisting of images presenting the interior of the Church of the Most Holy Sacrament was installed this morning all around the building. This is an initiative of Espace Communautaire Saint-Sacrement in partnership with the Fabrique de la Paroisse Saint-Pierre-Julien-Eymard.

Pierre Blais, member of the requalification committee of Espace Communautaire Saint-Sacrement, presented during the last meeting of the Saint-Sacrement neighborhood council this project which aims to show the population that steps for the requalification of the church are ongoing. The photos that make up the exhibition were taken by Réal Trottier and Sonya Morin.

“We want to show people, passers-by, cars, pedestrians, that something is happening, that we are in the process of doing something special with our church of Saint-Sacrement,” explains Mr. Blais.

The idea behind this exhibition is to introduce the interior of the church to people who would never have seen it. Mr. Blais explains that originally, the photos had to be printed on the panels that the municipality usually uses for outdoor exhibitions. During discussions, it was instead agreed to print the photos on banners. This allows the fencing in place around the building to be temporarily dressed and camouflaged.

Part of the banners overlook Saint-Sacrement Avenue.
Photo credit: Olivier Alain

The installation of the exhibition coincides with the launch of the first edition of Quebec City Heritage Week which will take place from May 17 to 26.

A new grant request

Mr. Blais also took advantage of his presence at the neighborhood council to inform the assembly of the progress of the requalification procedures. A grant request to the Quebec Religious Heritage Council was submitted at the end of March. The committee should receive a response during the month of June.

The subsidy program has two components, explains Mr. Blais. The first is used to analyze all project possibilities based on the condition of the building and the second allows the implementation of a business plan for a concrete requalification project.


Questioned by a citizen present for the presentation, Mr. Blais admitted, however, that he could not give much information regarding the schedule for the work that will be done on the building.

“The work is delayed because of new agreements and prerequisites by the Ministry of Culture,” explains Bertrand Gemme, president of the Saint-Sacrement neighborhood council and involved in the process of requalification of the church.

Despite these few months of delay, they hope that work can begin in the fall.

“We first attack the bell towers which are the main point to allow the complete reopening of the church,” explains Mr. Gemme. The basement could, however, open in the fall.”



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