“I love coming to Reunion, I love the Reunion public”

“I love coming to Reunion, I love the Reunion public”
“I love coming to Reunion, I love the Reunion public”

How was Biga*Ranx born? What made you want to get into music? Your parents are artists, did that influence this career choice?

“Passion is what made me want to get into music. An unconditional love for music and the sound system world. Afterwards, I made pieces and then over time it worked and here I am where I am today. Today, I still make pieces like I did back then, it doesn’t change. The fact that my parents are artists taught me the modesty of art which is more important. than the financial aspect. They are very modest people who do what they love.

Why reggae as a style of music? What attracted you to this style?

It’s inexplicable, it’s a bit like explaining why we like beans and why we don’t like zucchini. Reggae appealed to me straight away. Afterwards, what I like is music in general.

What are your sources of inspiration? Who are the artists that you take as examples?

Artists, songs, everything can inspire me, the outside world,… It’s a difficult question, but generally artists. In terms of artists, those who inspired me are mainly those who play reggae, like Yellowman.

“I make pieces, I don’t worry too much.”

If you had to describe your music, what adjective would you use?

I would say dub. A slightly spacey style, with lots of effects and very digital. Even if I don’t like this word digital. It’s dub made with today’s means, a little psychedelic.

Your last album was released in 2022, do you have anything in the works currently?

In fact, I prepare lots of pieces. I think I’ll end up releasing an album or not, but for now, I’m making songs, I’m not worrying too much.

Let’s talk a little about the festival, you were present in 2022 at Sakifo and this year you are participating in the 20th anniversary. How was your experience two years ago with the Reunion public? How does it feel to come for this twentieth edition?

It was so good, really good, I love coming to Reunion, I love the Reunion public. It was a great experience. I took advantage of it and walked around the festival, there were lots of interesting things and a really nice atmosphere. That year, I was able to discover local artists, but I was afraid of mentioning their names. It was pure experience. It’s an honor to be invited again. Plus, I came some time ago for a music video. I love Reunion Island, I’m in love with the spot. So coming back for the 20th anniversary of the biggest festival on the island is an honor, I’m preparing for it thoroughly. I’m not going to come in weird mode having done nothing.

What should we expect from this next concert at Sakifo? And what do you expect from this festival?

I’m going to come with a real, well-prepared show, well I always come with a prepared show, but here I’m going to do something special for the occasion. But to know what awaits you, you have to come. I’m not going to reveal everything now. For my part, I hope to find the audience I met last time. Find this vibe, which was crazy. Have a good time, have discussions and manage to do something worthy of the invitation and the chance. Reunion lé la, Biga lé la, the good vibe lé la.

Are you planning to stay and enjoy Reunion Island for a while, before or after the festival?

I’m going to enjoy it, I’m staying a few days, I’ll be able to walk around. Plus, my brother is also coming to play in Reunion and so it’s going to be his birthday, so we’re going to celebrate his birthday on the island.”

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