Oise: Nogent wins the prize of worst payer in the department (complete list)

Oise: Nogent wins the prize of worst payer in the department (complete list)
Oise: Nogent wins the prize of worst payer in the department (complete list)
Payment deadlines for Nogent-sur-Oise, the town of which Jean-François Dardenne is mayor, have been degraded due to a very large construction site which caused difficulties. Next year, we will be back on track, he assures us.

For the first time in its history, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance is publishing the list of payment deadlines for local authorities with more than 3,500 inhabitants on its website. In the Oise, it is Nogent-sur-Oise which wins the red cap for worst payer. Companies that deal with the municipality of Jean-François Dardenne must wait 61.47 days before being paid.

“We may be paying slowly but we are paying surely,” the mayor of Nogent first responds with a smile. Then he explains: “It is in fact due to a big market concerning the Joséphine Baker school group, the Pierre Perret leisure center and the Berthelot restaurant. It was worth several million euros. It dragged on for various reasons. But it’s settled. Next year, everything will be back to normal.”

Competence does not prevent nonchalance

In second place, we see Chambly arriving in the south of Oise. We didn’t expect to see Mayor David Lazarus there. He holds a Master 2 in international economics and finance and, since 2010, Principal Inspector of Public Finances. Well, Mr. Chief Inspector, you are not setting an example.

It is a bit to put red in the cheeks of local elected officials that Bercy publishes this list. The legal payment deadline is thirty days. Le Figaro writes: “Disclosing these names is a first in France.” But it is to help companies which are suffering for their cash flow.

Among the municipalities which pay the worst: Bresles, Creil (hey, Creil!), Senlis, Bornel and Gouvieux, whose former mayor, Patrice Marchand, until March 2023, was himself a senior civil servant in Bercy. In Senlis, Pascale Loiseleur is surprised. “However, I am careful that companies are paid quickly. This is a question to which I am aware since my husband is himself an entrepreneur.

Virtue Prize: Onclercq, Menn and Carvalho

Among the good payers (less than ten days) Verneuil-en-Halatte, well done Philippe Kellner; Laigneville, well done Christophe Dietrich; Thourotte, well done Patrice Carvalho; Liancourt, well done Roger Menn; Neuilly-en-Thelle, well done Bernard Onclercq.

The Oise departmental council is also one of the good payers with a payment deadline of less than two weeks. (Personal note from the director of the newspaper: it’s a shame they don’t send us more ads and legal notices…)

The Ministry of the Economy also gives the list of intermunicipal unions, CCAS and the various municipal and intermunicipal services for health, waste treatment, etc. The list can be viewed here.

List of municipalities and intermunicipalities in Oise and payment deadlines in days

NOGENT-SUR-OISE Municipality 61.47
CHAMBLY Municipality 49.72
BRESLES Municipality 45.39
CREIL Municipality 44.61
SENLIS Municipality 40.99
BORNEL Municipality 36.89
GOUVIEUX Municipality 34.28
CA agglomeration CREIL SUD OISE Urban community 31.77
LAMORLAYE Municipality 31.20
VERBARY Municipality 30.20
MOUY Municipality 30.05
PONT-SAINTE-MAXENCE Municipality 29.75
MONEY Municipality 29.12
CLERMONT DE L’OISE Municipality 28.84
MARGNY-LES-COMPIEGNE Municipality 28.43
CC CANTILIAN AREA Community of communes 28.26
CC PICARD PLATEAU Community of communes 27.06
CC COUNTRY OF NOYONNAIS Community of communes 27.00
BEAUVAIS Municipality 25.68
COYE-LA-FORET Municipality 24.92
CC THELLOISE Community of communes 24.61
VILLERS-SAINT-PAUL Municipality 24.56
CREPY-EN-VALOIS Municipality 23.71
NOYON Municipality 22.46
MERU Municipality 22.34
SWEET WHIPPED CREAM Municipality 21.97
CC OISE AND HALATTE COUNTRY Community of communes 21.14
COMPIEGNE Municipality 20.10
CC DU LIANCOURTOIS Community of communes 19.90
CC OF THE COUNTRY OF VALOIS Community of communes 19.30
CC PLAINE D ESTREES Community of communes 18.44
PLESSIS-BELLEVILLE (THE) Municipality 16.66
SAINT-LEU-D ESSERENT Municipality 16.64
LACROIX-SAINT-OUEN Municipality 16.06
BRETEUIL Municipality 14.91
CC DU VEXIN-THELLE Community of communes 14.81
CIRES-LES-MELLO Municipality 14.71
CC COUNTRY OF CLERMONTOIS Community of communes 14.62
SAINT-JUST-EN-CHAUSSEE Municipality 12.96
CC OF OISE PICARDE Community of communes 12.80
CC DES 2 VALLEES Community of communes 12.67
CC DES SABLONS Community of communes 12.48
CC SENLIS SUD OISE Community of communes 12.09
CREVECOEUR-LE-GRAND Municipality 11.52
CC PAYS DE BRAY Community of communes 11.42
ESTREES-SAINT-DENIS Municipality 11.36
CC DES LISIERES DE L’OISE Community of communes 10.93
NANTEUIL-LE-HAUDOUIN Municipality 10.81
VERNEUIL-EN-HALATTE Municipality 9.91
LAIGNEVILLE Municipality 9.50
THOUROTTE Municipality 8.12
LIANCOURT Municipality 7.68
NEUILLY-EN-THELLE Municipality 7.09
CC COUNTRIES OF SOURCES Community of communes 6.66
CC GREEN PICARDY Community of communes 4.23


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