The Ussel hospital center loses its certification: “No risks for patients”, specifies management

The Ussel hospital center loses its certification: “No risks for patients”, specifies management
The Ussel hospital center loses its certification: “No risks for patients”, specifies management

In 2022, the High Authority for Health (HAS) granted certification to the Ussel hospital center (Corrèze), on the condition that a new inspection of the establishment and its practices be carried out within two years. It took place last November. If you do not obtain 100% success, the certification is not renewed. “This has no impact on the quality of care provided to patients,” specifies the joint management.

“It is not very pleasant and negative for the Ussel hospital center, in Corrèze. The result of the control carried out by the High Authority for Health (HAS) leads to the non-certification of the hospital center. We have reached 89% of the objectives, we are missing a small step to take and we are going to take it. This non-certification does not remove the authorization to practice.

This Wednesday afternoon, upon the announcement of the non-certification by the HAS of the Ussel hospital, Christophe Arfeuillère, the president of the supervisory board of the establishment and mayor of Ussel, did not hide his disappointment : “We cannot be satisfied with this non-certification with regard to the commitment of the staff during the inspection period but also every day of the year. We know that there are some shortcomings and we are going to work on this that there are no more. We have two years to obtain certification again.”

Five experts audited the hospital

But what is the certification of a hospital center? Certification is an external, independent and mandatory assessment system which takes place every four years. “It concerns the consultation of documents but also the designation by the HAS of professional health experts, external to the establishment, who come to verify the criteria of the reference framework to obtain an overall image of the establishment”, explains Cécile Grelou , quality coordinator at the joint management of Corrèze hospital centers.

In Ussel, five experts spent a week in the establishment in November. “For example, they followed “tracer” patients throughout their journey in the establishment, from department to department, to see how communication takes place, the material care of the patient, what the premises are like, the dynamics of the “establishment…”, she explains.

What the new scanner at the Ussel hospital center will change for patients

Two points to improve including the premises

In the end, HAS indicated that the Ussel hospital achieved 89% of the objectives. However, certification is granted if 100% of the objectives are achieved. “Our results this year are an improvement compared to two years ago. And since the experts visited in November, certain items have been obtained. Everything is not perfect, but the teams continue to work” underlined Nicolas Portolan, director general of the joint management of Corrèze hospital centers.

What does the HAS criticize the Ussel hospital center for? “There is a lack of a quality culture within the staff. We must continue to encourage the teams to work on quality and we have a problem with premises which are certainly very well maintained by the staff, but which are old,” underlined the general director who recalled that funds linked to Ségur were earmarked for the hospital and that the Regional Health Agency (ARS) has already notified that 3 million euros will be committed for work on the block operative.

No consequences on care

What are the consequences of this non-certification?

Management hammered it home this Wednesday afternoon. It has no impact on the care provided to patients. “Patients should have no fear about their care at the Ussel hospital center. There is no serious lack of safety of care,” added hospital director Yoann Balestrat.

The consequences are also financial since the certification of an establishment allows it to obtain an additional financial envelope, “a bonus” that the Ussel hospital, which would have really needed it, will not have this year.

The hospital center may request to re-certify within two years maximum.

Estelle Bardelot



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