A new logo for cycling in Haute-Yamaska

The MRC unveiled for the first time, on Wednesday, the logo and the aspirations of a promotional campaign entitled “Here, it’s cycling”.

This initiative aims to increase the number of cyclists and to remind people that the cycling network here is very extensive and accessible.

“We want the bike to take up more space and the car to leave a little space,” said Nicolas Labbé, president of the Zen Branding firm, during a presentation at the Le Castel hotel.


Fanny packs bearing the new logo were produced. (Catherine Trudeau/La Voix de l’Est)

His company designed the communications campaign to be launched in 2025.

The entire network of cycling trails and activities in Haute-Yamaska ​​and Bromont, whose signage will be redone, is also brought together under the name Yamaska ​​Bike Network.

The mayor of Saint-Joachim-de-Shefford said he was “delighted” with the campaign initiated by the MRC and the Haute-Yamaska ​​recreational tourism development corporation.


The mayor of Saint-Joachim-de-Shefford, René Beauregard. (THE VOICE OF THE EAST ARCHIVES/THE VOICE OF THE EAST ARCHIVES)

René Beauregard believes that the name Yamaska ​​Bike Network will be “more representative of everything that is done by bike in the region”.

“Near us, there is the La Campagnarde trail that I love, but I have the impression that it is not known!”

However, he recognizes that this is only a “beginning” and that there is much to be done to reduce car use in a region of North America where the waltz of the seasons also brings its share of inconveniences.

“We know that we come a long way in certain cases,” said Mr. Beauregard. Afterwards, there will have to be other actions, such as encouraging companies to encourage cycling.”

“Incredible wealth”

>>>Seasoned cyclist, author and speaker Jonathan B. Roy.>>>

Seasoned cyclist, author and speaker Jonathan B. Roy. (Catherine Trudeau/La Voix de l’Est)

The unveiling of the campaign was preceded by a conference by globe-trotting cyclist Jonathan B. Roy, whose latest book chronicles his adventures in Asia and South America.

The author recalled that cycle paths are a rarity in the world and that “it is an incredible asset to have this in our backyard”.

Riding a bike provides a feeling of freedom which for him is “the best way to travel and broaden our horizons”.



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