We will spend 1 billion in 25 years for the maintenance of the Quebec bridge

We will spend 1 billion in 25 years for the maintenance of the Quebec bridge
We will spend 1 billion in 25 years for the maintenance of the Quebec bridge

“Canada will invest approximately $40 million per year for its rehabilitation program over the next 25 years,” confirmed the Prime Minister of Canada, Wednesday morning, at the aquarium, with the bridge as a backdrop.

Which equals 1 billion in total.

This sum will come 60% from the federal treasury, 25% from the Quebec government for the maintenance of the bridge deck and 15% from the bank accounts of CN, which remains a major user with the railway.

Friday, The sun revealed that the railway company, owner of the bridge since 1993, will pay 6.1 million per year not indexed for the next 25 years. From the 26th year, the amount will be indexed by 2%. The total amount paid for the bridge by 2075 by CN will be around 350 million.

We also learned that the sale of CN to the federal government was taking place for the symbolic sum of $1, which was confirmed by federal ministers and their boss, Justin Trudeau.

The current Canadian Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, joked that the famous dollar would come directly from the pocket of his colleague Jean-Yves Duclos.


The municipal, provincial and federal governments walked almost hand in hand on Wednesday when the federal government announced the purchase of the Quebec Bridge. We see Mayor Bruno Marchand, Quebec Minister Jonatan Julien and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. (Caroline Grégoire/The Sun)

Mr. Duclos is Canadian Minister of Public Services and Procurement, but above all MP for the federal riding of Quebec and the politician who has rowed the hardest on the bridge file in recent years.

According to Ottawa, these investments will “extend the useful life of the bridge for decades to come, in particular through an increase in the frequency of replacement of parts.”

Mr. Duclos affirms that half of the sums invested will go for painting the bridge, which plays an aesthetic but also preservation role, and the other half for steel and the replacement of parts.

This corroborates the figure of 1 billion revealed in the pages of Sun one year ago.

Negotiations lasted several years and several electoral campaigns. “In recent years, pride was a little scratched, like paint,” illustrated Federal Minister of Transport Pablo Rodriguez, emphasizing the importance of perseverance in this issue. He cited the film The Boys. “It’s the hardness of the mind. We didn’t give up and we got our deal.»

The mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, also present on the platform, spoke of a “huge day for Quebec” and an announcement that was “unanimously supported”.



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