What impact will the Olympics have on the security system in Finistère this summer?

What impact will the Olympics have on the security system in Finistère this summer?
What impact will the Olympics have on the security system in Finistère this summer?


Martine De Saint Jan

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May 15, 2024 at 6:15 p.m.

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THE Paris 2024 Olympic Games will have an impact on the organization of security forces in Finistère during the summer, a high point of activity in a department which receives a lot of tourists and in which large gatherings are organized.

The department will not receive reinforcements from mobile forces as usual, “but this only represented 38 gendarmes and 9 CRS in 2023”, specifies Alain Espinasse, prefect of Finistère.

Furthermore, the department must provide gendarmes and police officers to secure the Olympic events.

“However, we will have as many resources allocated as last year, if not more,” assures the prefect.

No vacation for police officers and gendarmes

It indicates that only 20% of the workforce will be authorized to take leave between June 15 and July 23 and between August 12 and 31. “But during the red period, from July 25 to August 11, no one will be able to take vacation. » Which will be the first way to compensate.

Furthermore, the Finistère Gendarmerie will call on 78 volunteers from the operational reserve (compared to 66 in 2023). “And we made a recruitment effort: 25 new police officers who have completed their training will return to their assignment from 1er June”, adds Colonel Charlotte Tournant, commanding the departmental gendarmerie group.

Staff from less overloaded areas will also be redeployed towards the coast. Seven temporary seasonal positions will be open, for example in Ouessant and Sein. The new mobile brigade of the Monts d’Arrée (6 gendarmes) will take office on 1er July.

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46 supervised swimming sites

Alain Espinasse highlights the four priorities set for the security forces for this summer:

  • public security (fight against urban rodeos and against burglaries in particular),
  • road safety (drug checks, alcohol),
  • management of festivals and large gatherings,
  • swimming surveillance.

On this last point, the prefect recalls that the sea kills an average of 19 people every year in Finistère. “We have 269 swimming sites, 46 will be monitored, as in 2023, either by firefighters, by the SNSM, or by other associations. »

A water bomber helicopter

The fight against forest fires is also seen as a major issue, since the fires in the Monts d’Arrée in 2022. The departmental fire and rescue service will recruit 36 ​​seasonal firefighters. It will be able to count on a fire remote detection device and the rental of a water bomber helicopter, as in 2023.

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