Passionate about motorcycles, these two friends recount their incredible journey in the desert in Morocco


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May 15, 2024 at 5:43 p.m.

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Kissing her freedom of the roadClement and Edgar, aged 28 and 30 respectivelyleft, by a foggy morningfrom Brix (Manche), the April 11, 2024, aboard a large Land Cruiser towing their two Yamahas. Direction Belflou, in the region Occitania.

They started by participating in the Ténéré Spirit Camp, three days of madness for the 2024 edition of the event reserved for Ténéréists! A happy mix of passionoflearningof walks and especially from Ténéré!

Head to Africa

THE sun and the heat of the South, moments of sharing… A weekend dedicated to thelove of motorcycles. Nearly 130 bikers joined together for three days of trainingof hikes and moments of sharing and friendliness in this village which welcomed the Yamaha organization dedicated to all these enthusiasts in the Cathar country.

It’s filled withpositive energies that they then went to Almeria, in the southern Spainfor immediate boarding on the ferry to Melilla (African continent).

After a bad night spent on board the boat and therefore very tired, we decided to start our Off-road itinerary that we had prepared at length with Clément during the winter months in Normandy by the fire.

Edgar Pointe

Direction Caïdat de Lamrija in Morocco before finally being able to rest. The objective was to reach Merzouga via the tracks of the Rekkam plateau in order to test their abilities to roll in the sand with their trails equipped with their substantial luggage.

Full of adventures took place during this road trip, passed through Boudnib, Merzouga, Ramlia, Sidi Ali, Zagora, Foum Zguid, Tissint, Ourika before returning to Spain aboard the ferry.

A nice scare

“We were in Merzouga and we wanted to reach Zagora via the tracks taken by certain editions of the Paris-Dakar. Pebble and sand tracks linked together, it was very smooth, when suddenly Clément had a puncture at the front! », says Edgar with emotion.

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We were also surrounded by fesh-fesh (very soft sand). Left to our fate, we were blocked by impassable obstacles, the motorbikes got stuck in the sand on multiple occasions, and had to turn around. Looking around us, it was impossible to cling to a visual cue. The trap was falling on us. We were lost, alone, without a satellite phone, tired. We simply had enough water, cakes, and gasoline to get us through the night if necessary.


And he continued: “It was definitely not the time to get injured, so, despite the fatigue, I concentrated as much as possible on the driving. At that moment, we did not share our mutual concerns but only words of encouragement to overcome this ordeal. Finally, in less than two hours, we found old 4X4 tracks partially covered by sand, which we followed until we were able to get out of this place. What a relief to put our wheels on a track! »

The rest of the journey was finally accompanied by the crossing of immense plateaus, on which some Berbers live. “It was comforting to find passage on our path…”

Edgar Pointe (30 years old) and Clément Perrault (28 years old) ©Clément Perrault – Edgar Pointe
Clément, in the Merzouga desert (Morocco). ©Clément Perrault – Edgar Pointe
Edgar in Erg Chebbi (Merzouga dunes)
Edgar in Erg Chebbi (Merzouga dunes). ©Clément Perrault – Edgar Pointe

” The art of life “

This desert crossing on a motorbike offered these two adventurers a total change of scenery! The embodiment of a passion and a dream come true for the second year in a row. Clément and Edgar, true globetrotters, traveled the Moroccan trails for two weeks, winding and captivating roads.

“The motorcycle is much more than a means of transportit’s a Art of living», specifies Clément. “Take full advantage of the experience of Moroccan mountain paths and tracks, the routes chosen for their natural beauty and their ability to amaze us, winding on magnificent roads through the most picturesque landscapes of Morocco,” says Edgar.

We passed through luxurious and magical places where we could relax and enjoy the hospitality of these wonderful people. Every evening, we suffered from various aches and pains because the physical exercise was so intense!

Edgar and Clement

On board their Yamaha Ténéré, Edgar and Clément discovered new sensations with these navigations in the sand and in the dunes, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes in dream settings…

Far from the tourist routes , they traveled on their faithful steeds to the heart of Morocco encompassing the Atlas, lush palm groves, oases and dunes. Colorful days and magical stages with stress sometimes but mainly happiness and surprises under 32 degrees. An intense and very exotic experience.

An unforgettable adventure

“Taking a road trip in a Yamaha T7 is the guarantee of fun, comfortable, efficient and reassuring driving in all circumstances. We chose these motorcycles for long trips, which is a change from our usual old motorcycles. We left with new bikes, which allowed us to take full advantage without worrying about random breakdowns,” they specify.

An unforgettable adventure anchored in their memoriesand in their hearts forever. A huge congratulations to these two young friends for their courage, their taste for risk and adventure… An extreme adventure. This made them want to leave as quickly as possible to discover another corner of the world. Hoping to have the possibility, one day, to evolve towards rally-raidthanks to sponsors. To the wise…

From our correspondent Maryline CHOLOT

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