The Youth Council launches in the City of Friborg on Thursday

The Youth Council launches in the City of Friborg on Thursday
The Youth Council launches in the City of Friborg on Thursday

The Youth Council of the City of Friborg will hold its inaugural session this Thursday. Established as part of the childhood-youth strategy of the cantonal capital, the new citizen body submitted its statutes to the Municipal Council on March 27.

The Youth Council, open to 15-25 year olds who live, work or study in the city of Fribourg, will meet in plenary session four times a year, the Friborg authorities indicated on Wednesday during a press conference. Its inaugural session will take place at 6:30 p.m., in the Grand Conseil room, at the Cantonal Hotel.

The committee’s specifications and the charter, written in a participatory manner, as well as its operation will be presented. Young people wishing to join the Youth Council will then be able to become a member. The session is public and will be followed by an aperitif, announces the City of Fribourg.

Ad hoc strategy

The Youth Council was developed as part of the children and youth strategy ‘Growing up in the city of Fribourg’ and its objective ‘Encouraging participation and citizenship’. Its creation responds in particular to the acceptance of two postulates, recalls the press release.

Created by and for young people, the Council is open to anyone, whether they are studying, training or learning. The body provides an active and collaborative platform for ideas, debate and voting. It helps and enables the realization of projects and trains and encourages young people to become citizens.

On a budget

A parliamentary tool, the question will also make it possible to challenge the Municipal Council. Bilingual, the Youth Council will independently manage its internal and external communications. It has its own logo and benefits from an annual budget of 10,000 francs and the support of a representative at the City of Fribourg.

Before the big day, March 27, a delegation from the future Youth Council had therefore officially submitted its statutes to the trustee Thierry Steiert and to Mirjam Ballmer, municipal councilor. The meeting then made it possible to present the work carried out by the Constituent Assembly and the Council logo developed by the young people.




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