Nord-Vaudois: connected medals reveal treasures

Connected medals reveal the treasures of Northern Vaud

Published today at 4:32 p.m.

Every town, every village conceals treasures. Sometimes famous, sometimes unknown to the general public. It is with the aim of revealing the heritage and historical riches of its region that the Association for the Development of Northern Vaudois (ADNV) is launching the “Secrets of Northern Vaudois” project this summer.

It is based on a recent invention of Genius Loci (literally “spirit of place” in Latin). The Échichens start-up created a small medal a year ago on which a QR code is printed that you just need to scan to see a wealth of information open up.

The ADNV therefore relies heavily on the support of the municipalities within its perimeter and their inhabitants to supply these virtual treasures. “They are the ones who know the riches of the places best,” explains Sébastien Lassueur, director of the ADNV markets unit.

First medals this summer

The initiative – which has already materialized in the region of the bosses of Genius Loci, Stéphane and Eglé Cruchon, and in the Val d’Hérens (VS) – will see the light of day this summer in the North of Vaud. In Vuiteboeuf and Cuarny, two towns which are celebrating their 1000th and 850th years respectively. “And Sainte-Croix should join the movement by highlighting its industrial heritage,” continues Sébastien Lassueur.

Concretely, the medals are placed near places which have secrets to reveal. By activating the QR code, residents and visitors will access stories, anecdotes and various information. “The idea is that we discover authentic testimonies, not the official discourse of the tourist offices,” notes Sébastien Lassueur.

In Vuiteboeuf, where around twenty medals will be placed, it will be possible to discover the remains of the three mills which crisscross the course of the Arnon, the Culaz fountain, where the housewives washed the laundry, and the building of La Balance, where the salt that passed through the Via Salina was weighed.

When many municipalities have joined the project, they will constitute a network across Northern Vaud which can be explored a bit like a modern and interactive treasure hunt.


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