Four suspects indicted

Four suspects indicted
Four suspects indicted

Following the murder of a young man last Sunday, three adults and a minor were brought to court this Wednesday after leaving police custody. After their hearing before the Public Prosecutor, who decided to indict them, three of them were sent to pre-trial detention, while the last was placed under judicial supervision.

Sunday evening, Dimitri, 20, was fatally injured by a weapon after an altercation in Ravine-des-Cabris. After rapid investigations carried out by investigators from the Saint-Pierre Police, supported by the Territorial Judicial Police Service (STPJ), six people were arrested and placed in police custody.

Two of them were quickly released. The four other detainees, three adults and a minor, had their custody extended by 24 hours. In the meantime, the victim’s autopsy confirmed the death following hemorrhagic shock, probably caused by a blow to the chest with a sharp, pointed object, such as a saber or knife.

This Wednesday morning, it was at first light that police custody ended and the four suspects were brought to court for the opening of a judicial investigation for murder. Two brothers, including a minor, were indicted for murder and their father for complicity in murder. All were taken into custody. The siblings’ cousin is being prosecuted for failure to assist a person in danger and has been placed under judicial supervision.

I am not a violent child

One of the brothers, Judicaël S., aged 19, was indicted for voluntarily causing death with premeditation. The investigating judge requested his placement in detention in order to avoid a repetition of the facts, but also to avoid the risk of revenge or even pressure on witnesses and victims. Sunday’s fatal altercation was in fact the result of a conflict between neighborhoods.

Judicaël tried to defend himself: “ I am not a violent child“, he assured the judge of detention and freedoms. The public prosecutor replied: “ They had a certain number of hours to prepare what they were going to say. We also see that the versions change each time. In the end, they charge the cousin. »

The father and his sons, including a minor, placed in detention

Judicaël S. was placed in detention in Domenjod after his release. The father, aged 40, immediately faced the investigating judge. The latter requests pre-trial detention for the father for the same reasons as his son. In addition, a knife was found under his bed, although this will still have to be examined.

Me Aurélie Marie Hoareau, for her part, requested that her client be placed under judicial review. She explains that the latter had tried to separate the protagonists and end the fight and that he did not put pressure on the others. “ He didn’t try to escape justice, he tried to protect his children, that’s different“, assures the black dress.

The father, indicted for complicity in murder, was placed in pre-trial detention.

His second son, a minor, was imprisoned for murder.

The last suspect, a cousin of the imprisoned family, is being prosecuted for failure to assist a person in danger. An offense for which the prosecutor requested placement under judicial supervision. He was not imprisoned by the judge of freedoms and detention.



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