A police station “for 100 years”

It was a party at the cops on Tuesday with the unveiling of the building located at the corner of Boulevard Louis-XIV and the Laurentian highway. And with good reason.

I really like these press tours of buildings that we’ve been hearing about for so long. Especially a police station where we hope not to have to set foot again!

Discover the cells, the interrogation rooms, the vast open glass areas with, as always, my too many references to District 31 And Indefensible.

“The building and its structure is good for 75 to 100 years. So for me, we are looking to the future,” said the director of the Quebec City Police Department Denis Turcotte on Tuesday about the 16,000 m² building on five floors.


The building is located at the corner of Boulevard Louis-XIV and the Laurentian highway. (Frédéric Matte/Le Soleil)

The man had reason to be proud of the inauguration of this plant, three years almost to the day after the first shovelful of earth in May 2021.

Three years, too, after his arrival at the head of the SPVQ in April of the same year.


The director of the Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ), Denis Turcotte. (Frédéric Matte/Le Soleil)

With a bill of 112 million, the construction carried out by the Building Management Department of the City of Quebec and designed by the architectural firm CCM2 respects the budget estimated at 114 million since 2022.

This inauguration comes less than three months after that of the Gabrielle-Roy library, also while respecting costs.

Seeing two major projects in the pipeline for years inaugurated in such a short time gives a little pep in this period when everything seems so expensive, complicated, delayed.

Again Tuesday morning, colleague Olivier Bossé revealed that the Quebec government has doubled the budget allocated to the renovation of the Ministry of Finance, the Gérard-D.-Lévesque building, from 188 million to 340 million.

We have to believe that the City of Quebec still manages to complete projects and cut ribbons.

Crisis and procrastination

But if the conclusion is happy, the road to the new plant has not been easy.

A little step back in time.

In 2016, the City purchased the first piece of land for 2.6 million at the corner of Boulevard Pierre-Bertrand and Rue des Rocailles. Quickly, the location was criticized, the costs considered poorly evaluated, the land too small, particularly for parking needs.

This episode, some will remember, led to the resignation of Jonatan Julien, then vice-president of the executive committee under Régis Labeaume.

In a formal outing in May 2018, the former mayor literally threw his advisor under the bus, believing that Mr. Julien had “escaped” him.

Jonatan Julien then slammed the door of Équipe Labeaume to sit as an independent. He subsequently made the jump to the CAQ, where he has been an MP and minister since the fall 2018 elections.

In June 2019, after crisis and twists and turns, the City of Quebec finally chose the current site.

What future for the Victoria Park land?

>>>The former Victoria Park police headquarters will be demolished.>>>

The former Victoria Park police headquarters will be demolished. (Erick Labbé/Archives Le Soleil)

Now that employees, patrollers and investigators will move

Soon, it will be interesting to see what fate will be reserved for the land of the former Victoria Park power station.

Its state of decrepitude will cause few nostalgics among the police troops.

Since December, it has been known that the old 1966 power station located on rue de la Maréhaussee will be demolished.

But the land is contaminated and no project is yet precise.

During the 2021 election campaign, Bruno Marchand imagined trees to extend Victoria Park and assured that no residential project would develop there.

The place is advantageously located at the entrance to the city center. We can bet that it will be found in some electoral programs.

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