In the Gers, there are not only festivals, there is also a Gestival

In the Gers, there are not only festivals, there is also a Gestival
In the Gers, there are not only festivals, there is also a Gestival


Fabien Hisbacq

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May 15, 2024 at 11:10 a.m.

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You can learn other than by attending a lecture or during a traditional conference. It is the interest of gesticulated lectures. And they have their festival. It will be held in June 2024 in the Gers.

It’s called the Gestival and it’s in Riscle that everything will be played out from June 7 to 9. We owe it to L’ardeur, in complicity with the Spirale association, from the theater of the same name.

There will be eight conferences as well as an aperitif-discussion presentation of the book on the gesticulated conference.

The master of the genre

On the menu in particular, by way of introduction, on Friday June 7 at 7 p.m., the master of the genre, Franck Lepagewhich will be used with Anthony Pouilquen on the theme: “And you, by the way, feel cultured”.

Note that there will be a meal during the intermission. Because gesticulated conferences can be long. Particularly because the conference is often followed by an exchange with the public on the subject discussed.

The public invited to participate and emancipate themselves

The concept of gesticulated conferences was popularized by Franck Lepage 20 years ago. In form, it is a clever mix of conference and theater. But ultimately, it’s more than that. Very written, the intervention combines experience, knowledge and analysis

This form of public expression specific to popular education aims both to train, emancipate and politicize the publicwho, therefore, in the end, is also brought to participate.

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Sport, culture, journalism, neoliberalism…

In addition to Franck Lepage, spectators-listeners will be able to see Katia Lang in a gesticulated conference around “But Madam, you are not paid to make us happy and yet (So that school becomes a place of education and freedom again) “. Philippe Meerlant will be interested in the “mystery of yellow journalism” when Emmanuelle Cournarie will address the theme “Precariousness, my love – Another story of neoliberalism”.

Thierry Rouquet will deliver a “last tango for public services” and the six members of L’Ardeur will discuss the theme “So social classes would no longer exist? “.

Finally, Anthony Pouliquen will explain in this “another history of sport” why he will “never be Luis Fernandez” and Franck Lepage will give, as a closing, his “Inculture(s) 2”. Subtitled: “And what if we stopped the rich from learning faster than the poor? Another history of education. An entire program.

Gestival, at the Spirale theater and in the hall of the shared ecocentre-spirale site in Riscle, from June 7 to 9, 2024. Prices: 8 euros per conference. Saturday pass: 20 euros. Three-day pass: 30 euros. Reservations there. More info here.

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