The 5th edition of Nuits des Forêts in Yvelines

From June 7 to 16in more than 200 forests throughout mainland France, in Guyana, in Reunion and for the first time in Mayotte and Martinique, events are organized by the Forest Nightsimagined and designed to celebrate and question the links humans have with their environment.

The objective is to bring together the forestry, cultural and scientific worlds and to convince them that a new relationship with living things is possible on the scale of each territory.

For 10 days, this festival works to raise awareness among citizens about the importance of forests and to allow them to meet those who contribute to the interview and the protection forests as well as reconnecting with nature, through shows, exhibitions of works and other atypical and immersive experiences, day and night.

In Ile-de-France, more than 40 forests will offer educational, sensitive and creative programming, immersed in nature. Among them, five forests are in Yvelines. Here is their schedule.

Marly-le-Roi national forest, June 8 and 12

20 km west of Paris, in Yvelines, the Marly national forestA massif of 1,749 hahas been marked by history, has suffered from storm from 1999, then from drought of 2003, which caused a dieback of trees (almost exclusively deciduous trees, oaks and chestnut trees are kings) and a deterioration of the health status. To restore it, the foresters had to hire a significant renewal of stands, in the form of regenerations, which take the form of cuts and openings in the plots. In this context, they strive to minimize as much as possible the inevitable impact that felling and silvicultural work generates on the landscapes. Rich biotopes are preserved, including around fifty ponds which contribute to biodiversity.

THE June 8 and 12the public is invited to discover 10 secret ponds“biodiversity treasures”, during a walk at nightfall, organized with the Friends of the Forest Association of St Germain-en-Laye and Marly-le-Roisilently or with the informed explanations of a territorial forestry technician from the National Forestry Office (ONF).

Galluis Forest, June 16

Ile-de-France Nature And Forest fans join together, the June 16 next, to introduce the curious to the Galluis forest (78). The association, which works for a better knowledge of trees and forests, invites you to participate in games and a treasure hunt in the great outdoors, to embark on the adventure of becoming an apprentice forester.

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Fausses-Reposes national forest, June 7 and 12

Former royal domain, the forest of Fausses-Reposes became state property during the French Revolution. Dominated by chestnut and oak, this 630 hectare forest has a lot of charm, with its ephemeral streams and the presence of numerous birds, including protected species.

On the occasion of Forest Nights, Olivier Herenciathe municipality of Chesnayof the local associations and the ONF invite you June 7 to a friendly afternoon and evening around educational and creative workshops, meetings and a zero waste picnic. At nightfall, a musical moment with Thuy-Nhi AU QUANG will end this day in style.

Then, on the morning of June 12, the National Forestry Office offers a forest walk guided by a nature guide.

Rambouillet Forest, June 8

There Rambouillet Forestwith the National Forestry Officeimmerses you in the history of France : former hunting grounds of kings, we can still see the intersection of the Rotonde with the King’s table, where the latter stopped to remove his boots and go to eat. During your walks, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the deciduous stands and sometimes transport yourself to another atmosphere with the pine forests which occupy the sandy slopes. The second busiest forest in Ile-de-France, it has a unique natural and cultural heritage extending over 14,000 ha with three Natura 2,000 zones. Its moors, ponds and wetlands are home to rare fauna and flora. scale of the Paris basin and its grand avenues bear witness to its royal past.

On June 8, come and enjoy a narrated walk, accompanied by a forester from the ONF, offering to talk about the forest through a reading of stories and poems, followed by a friendly picnic from the bag

Forest of the Val et Coteau de Saint-Rémy regional nature reserve, June 15

The Val et Coteau de Saint-Rémy regional nature reservehas Saint-Rémy-Lès-Chevreuseincludes classified environments in Natural area of ​​fauna and flora interest (ZNIEFF) and is protected in particular for its species of mountain affinity (rare in the Paris basin), present thanks to a microclimate. From the 1850s to 1930, the site was marked by the activity of quarrymen, who exploited the site’s mineral resources: the sandstone on the slope to make paving stones, or the millstone on the plateau, widely used in construction on the basin. Parisian.

On June 15, the public will be able to discover this place and its history through a two-way walk, organized with Le souffle des histoire: a nature walk for the general public, interweaving the fantastic, dreamlike, sensitive and philosophical dimensions of the tale and the he ecological, scientific and naturalist approach along a determined path and presenting “points” of interest of various natures in the overall narrative of this four-handed animation. Follow in the footsteps of a storyteller and a reserve manager to (re)discover a forest full of mysteries. On this path, awaken your senses, walk listening to naturalistic characteristics… and stories that span time.

Most of the Nuits des Forêts events are free and require registration. Agenda and registrations on

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