For the right to live in our languages, let’s modify the constitution!

For the right to live in our languages, let’s modify the constitution!
For the right to live in our languages, let’s modify the constitution!

In May 2021, the law relating to the heritage protection of regional languages ​​and their so-called promotion was passed. “Molac Law” which the Constitutional Council partially censored immediately.

Since then, a restrictive interpretation of article 2 of the Constitution (which indicates in particular that French is the language of the Republic) continues to be systematically opposed to every possible advance for our languages, and the problems have multiplied.

  • The situation of Fañch, Iñaki, Aña, Artús is still not clarified and the freedom to choose the first name of your child with a sign said “diacritic” is systematically called into question
  • Public authorities wishing to develop the use of our languages ​​in their institutions have been systematically attacked and their deliberations canceled at the Council of State or the administrative court (French Polynesia, Catalan communes of Elne, Port-Vendres, Amélie-les-Bains and Tarerach, Territorial Collectivity of Corsica, recognition of co-officiality of Creole in Martinique)
  • The situation is deteriorating in education with:
    • L’ “oblivion” regional languages ​​during middle school reforms, high school reforms, “shock of knowledge” and now during the announced reform of teacher training;
    • their disappearance for the baccalaureate exams and only the struggle ensured that this was not the case for the certificate this year;
    • the non-application of the generalization of the teaching of regional languages ​​to all students in a territory who wish it, enshrined in the law in 2021, because no additional means to achieve this objective have been undertaken by the Ministry of Education ;
    • alerts from the regional chamber of accounts of Brittany pointing out the legal insecurity of the National Education circular of 2021 (supposed to protect teaching by immersion, following censorship by the Constitutional Council) with its possible calling into question at all moment by a new government,
    • the blocking of the contractualization of Scola Corsa and the non-renewal of the agreements with Seaska or Diwan.

Our languages ​​cannot live in this precariousness. They need what has been built so far cannot be called into question. They need future projects to be consolidated. They need legal security which now requires a modification of the Constitution.

This is why the Pour que vivre nos langue collective is calling for gatherings in the Basque Country, Brittany, Corsica, Alsace, Catalonia, in the Occitanie area and the various territories concerned, on Saturday June 1, 2024 to request a modification of the constitution now! So that our languages ​​live and we can live in our languages!

Pour Que Vivent Nos Langues is a collective created in October 2019 at the initiative of MEP François Alfonsi and Breton MEP Paul Molac. It is made up of associative structures representing the diversity of regional language stakeholders in the territories concerned. It brings together public and associative education structures, as well as the cultural environment for Occitan-langue d’oc, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Corsican, West Flemish, standard German and Alsatian dialect and Moselle, Savoyard (Arpitan-Franco-Provençal), the Oïl languages ​​including Gallo and Poitevin-Saintongeais, Picard, Creoles and the indigenous languages ​​of the Overseas territories. The collective works to network its components and dialogue with the national level for its demands (teaching, presence and use of languages, etc.).



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