the Montfaucon strawberry, star of the Senate

After being inducted into the new Montfaucon strawberry brotherhood on April 20, Senator LR Laurent Burgoa wanted to promote the red fruit of Gard Rhodanien in the Senate.

The Montfaucon strawberry was featured in the Senate restaurant for a week. Mayor Olivier Robelet and a delegation from the Strawberry Brotherhood of Montfaucon du Gard went to the Senate on Tuesday, May 14, to launch this week of honoring the Gard strawberry. They thus presented it to the President of the Senate, Gérard Larcher, to the quaestor Philippe Bas, to several senators invited by Laurent Burgoa, including his two Gard colleagues Vivette Lopez and Denis Bouad.

On this occasion Jean-Christophe Trubert, director of the Senate restaurant, was inducted into the young brotherhood of the Montfaucon strawberry “thus committing to defend this natural heritage and to have it enjoyed without moderation and with delight” as specified by the oath of the brotherhood. In 2023, the municipality wanted to promote this exceptional product, cultivated for decades on its territory. As such, she had registered the brand: “La fraise de Montfaucon du Gard” with the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI). On this occasion, the creation of a brotherhood also made it possible to promote the image of this fruit.




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